Best Cameras Under 15000 In India to Buy – January 2021

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Best Cameras Under 15K to Buy!

Canon IXUS-285

Canon IXUS-285

₹ 13,299
Buy Now on Amazon Price as of 2021-01-27 at 20:05

Nikon Coolpix W150

Nikon COOLPIX W150

₹ 13,900
Buy Now on Amazon Price as of 2021-01-28 at 13:05

The market is flooded with many cameras for photography. It can be challenging to find a suitable option out of these when buying a camera for the first time within a decent budget. You will be bombarded with many technical terms like shutter speed or megapixels, and you may have to face some jargon.

In fact, one camera does not fit all the options, and therefore, you need to know the features that you want to keep in your camera.

To get you out of this trouble, we have prepared a list of 10 Best Cameras under 15000 that can help you become a photographer.

Which are the 9 Best Cameras under 15000 In India 2021?

1. Canon IXUS-285 HS Point and Shoot Camera with 4.5- 54mm f/3.6-10.0 Lens

Canon IXUS-285 Price as of 2021-01-27 at 20:05

Canon IXUS-285 Specifications
Sensor Type CMOS
Mega Pixels 20.2
Image Processor DIGIC 4+
ISO 80 – 1,600
Shutter Speed 15 – 1/2000
Screen 3-inch
Continous Shooting Speed 2.5 fps
Max. Video Resolution 1080p
Optic Zoom 12x
User Level Beginner

This 20.2-megapixel camera comes with a DIGIC 4+ image processing unit, that is 1/2.3 inch in size. Apart from this, it comes with a premium-looking metal body. For the set of colours, this best camera model has an ISO sensation range starting at 80 and exceeding 1600.

It has a 3-inch LCD display and some buttons to control different things. The IS (Image Stabilizer) system produces shake-free images with luminous intensity. It is capable of clicking a picture with a 12 times optical magnify lens. This Canon product has a 461k screen dot that helps to focus on the subject.

In this product, you find four different flash settings such as auto, on, slow sync, off in their flash mode. You can adjust them according to their situation. It supports WiFi and NFC to transfer photos from your camera to a phone or laptop.

The Good

  • 20.2 Megapixels.
  • Wireless Connectivity.
  • Cool Colours.
  • Amazing Zooming Level.
  • Smooth To Use.

The Bad

  • Average OIS.

What’s the bottom line?

This Canon Camera comes in a small and compact size that you can easily carry anywhere in your pocket.

2. Nikon Coolpix W150 Point & Shoot Digital Camera with 4.1-12.3mm f/ 3.3-5.9 Lens

Nikon COOLPIX W150 Price as of 2021-01-28 at 13:05

Nikon Coolpix W150 Specifications
Sensor Type CMOS
Mega Pixels 13.2
Image Processor EXPEED 5
ISO 125 – 1,600
Shutter Speed 1 – 1/2000
Screen 2.7-inch
Continous Shooting Speed 11 fps
Max. Video Resolution 1080p
Optic Zoom 3x
User Level Beginner

The COOLPIX W150 is designed to go to places where you can’t take other digital cameras, even underwater. To have amazing fun on your next trip, use this tough and reliable camera. Create high-quality photos and full HD videos without worrying about the temperature of a waterfall, dock or fridge.

With it, you explore a host of custom scene modes and special effects or keep it simple and let the camera do the work. When you are finished documenting your adventures, SnapBridge provides easy sharing of your shots directly to your compatible smartphone or tablet.

The W150 is designed to handle the elements of your most adventurous outing. Even if it falls into the water by mistake, you need not worry as it is waterproof up to 10m deep and sealed to keep out dust and debris. Even this product can handle bitter temperatures up to 10° C and has the right to take great pictures.

The Good

  • Waterproof.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Lots of Fun Filter.

The Bad

  • The Small Sensor Produces Noisy Images.
  • Lacks Manual Controls.

What’s the bottom line?

This Nikon Coolpix Camera is a great choice for those who want a hard point & shoot. You can use it on vacation with your family or your regular days.

3. Sony DSC-W800 Point & Shoot Camera with 4.6-23mm f/3.2-6.4 ZEISS Lens

Sony DSC-W800 Price as of 2021-01-28 at 13:05

Sony DSC-W800 Specifications
Sensor Type HAD CCD
Mega Pixels 20.1
Image Processor Venus Engine 9
ISO 100 – 3,200
Shutter Speed 2 – 1/1500
Screen 2.7-inch
Continous Shooting Speed 0.52 fps
Max. Video Resolution 720p
Optic Zoom 5x
User Level Beginner

This camera uses a 20.1 megapixel super HAD CCD sensor that helps you capture gorgeous images with great contrast and clarity with great contrast. Its 5x to 10x ZEISS lens will take you closer to the action.

With its active mode, you will always get a stable image and incredibly smooth video. This technology gives you sharp image quality with low noise and minimal blurring even on a walk. If you are disturbed by the complicated menu option, then you put your camera in easy mode. This makes your shooting experience easy and enjoyable.

Capture more breathtaking shots with its traditional wide-angle lens and sweep panorama mode. All you have to do is press the shutter button and sweep the camera in the desired direction. The best camera shoots faster, then automatically stitches the images together with automatic adjustments to create a stunning panoramic image. Wide and available up to 360 ° full circle, the camera can take a variety of panoramic shots.

The Good

  • Light Body.
  • Image Stabilization.
  • Face Detection Focusing.
  • High-Resolution Sensor.

The Bad

  • No Built-in Viewfinder.
  • No Manual Focus Mode.
  • Slow Continuous Shooting.

What’s the bottom line?

This Sony W800 Camera with smile shutter technology automatically captures all the moments of your smile. So now add your memories with a smiling face.

4. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H300 Point & Shoot Digital Camera with 4.5-157.5mm f3.0-7.7 Lens

Sony CyberShot DSC-H300 Price as of 2021-01-27 at 20:05

Sony CyberShot DSC-H300 Specifications
Sensor Type HAD CCD
Mega Pixels 20.1
Image Processor Venus Engine 9
ISO 80 – 3,200
Shutter Speed 30 – 1/1500
Screen 3-inch
Continous Shooting Speed 0.80 fps
Max. Video Resolution 720p
Optic Zoom 35x
User Level Beginner

The Sony H300 camera brings you beautiful, accurate images with a powerful 35x optical range. With its 20.1MP sensor, HD video and creative features, you will be able to capture detailed images and movies easily. Its DSLR-style body allows for comfortable handling.

It comes with a 360° shot captured with sweep panorama buttons. Picture effects deliver creative images and make them more efficient with modes like program auto, manual exposure, scene. It comes with 7.5cm (3.0 type) (4: 3), 460,800 dots, ClearPhoto, TFT LCD. With image stabilization, it reduces the risk of unstable images.

It offers a 2-year warranty on this product. On top of all this, the camera is powered by 4 AA batteries. Apart from this, this product is a big part of other camera effects like beauty effects, face detection to enhance your photos’ quality.

The Good

  • Value For Money.
  • HD Video Recording.
  • In-Built Picture Effects.
  • Face Detection and Smile Shutter.

The Bad

  • No Link of The External Flash Unit.

What’s the bottom line?

This Sony Cyber Shot H300 High Clarity Camera, with a powerful 35 times telephoto range, brings subject to you for beautiful, precise pictures.

5. Canon PowerShot SX430 Digital Camera with 4.3-193.5mm f/3.5-8.0 Lens

Canon PowerShot SX430 Price as of 2021-01-27 at 20:05

Canon PowerShot SX430 Specifications
Sensor Type CCD
Mega Pixels 20.0
Image Processor DIGIC 4+
ISO 100 – 1,600 (Auto)
Shutter Speed 1 – 1/4000
Screen 3-inch
Continous Shooting Speed 0.5 fps
Max. Video Resolution 1080p
Optic Zoom 45x
User Level Beginner

The Canon PowerShot is a similar point to shoot camera with a 20-megapixel sensor. It also has a wide variety of modes and effects. You can record HD video, and this ensures stable images. Its ergonomic grip allows for better handling.

The 45 folds of optical zoom power allow us to explore distant subjects closely. Its Zoom Plus technology offers you to increase the zoom capabilities of your camera by 90x. You can move closer to objects for shots in macro mode. On a 3.0-inch 230k-dot rear LCD monitor, you can easily set up the photo angel and choose options.

Sharing images is very easy with its Wi-Fi / NFC feature. Among its other features are flash and auto focus and eco mode that helps you save battery. The Canon SX430 has an ISO range of 100 to 800, that allows you to take picture-perfect shots even in low light conditions.

The Good

  • Intelligent IS
  • Powerful Zooming.
  • Impressive Colour Reproduction.
  • Wi-Fi and NFC.

The Bad

  • No Panoramic Mode.

What’s the bottom line?

This PowerShot SX430 Camera with 45x optical zoom gives you the ability to capture additional fluctuations. Its ergonomic grip allows for better handling, that is particularly useful for video recording and ensuring stable images.

6. Canon IXUS 185 Digital Camera with 5-40mm f/3.2-9.0 Lens

Canon IXUS 185 Price as of 2021-01-28 at 13:05

Canon IXUS 185 Specifications
Sensor Type CCD
Mega Pixels 20.0
Image Processor DIGIC 4+
ISO 100 – 800 (Auto)
Shutter Speed 15 – 1/2000
Screen 2.7-inch
Continous Shooting Speed 0.8 fps
Max. Video Resolution 720p
Optic Zoom 8x
User Level Beginner

This camera captures sharp and high-resolution images with 8x optical zoom and 20.0megpegel DIGIC 4+ image processor. With the camera, shooting photos at high zoom lengths to achieve clear and vivid quality is almost unbelievable. In addition to advanced technology, it is easy to operate for point and shoot with optimal settings.

With Canon’s unique ZoomPlus technology, the zoom factor can be extended up to 16x zoom allowing the user to capture a distant subject with beautiful details. It is packed with various shooting modes such as fish-eye effects, miniature effects, toy camera effects, monochrome, super vivid, poster effects, firework and long shutters.

Its Easy Auto feature can be activated by pressing and holding on the dedicated button, allowing you to access menu pages easily. Its date stamp feature activated on one click will display the date and time printed on each of your photos so that you can remember your photographs with time.

The Good

  • Easy Controls.
  • 1cm Macro Focus.
  • Comfortable Size & Weight.

The Bad

  • No FullHD / 4K Video.

What’s the bottom line?

This Canon Camera easily fits into the pocket due to its small and compact size. It captures high-resolution images with 8x optical and 16x ZoomPlus.

7. Nikon Coolpix B500 Digital Camera with NIKKOR Glass 4.0-160mm f/3-6.5 ED VR Lens

Nikon COOLPIX B500 Price as of 2021-01-27 at 20:05

Nikon Coolpix B500 Specifications
Sensor Type CMOS
Mega Pixels 16.0
Image Processor EXPEED 5
ISO 125 – 1,600
Shutter Speed 1/1500 – 1/4000
Screen 3-inch
Continous Shooting Speed 7.4 fps
Max. Video Resolution 1080p
Optic Zoom 40x
User Level Beginner

This COOLPIX always enhances the beauty of your hands, whether you are zooming with your super telephoto NIKKOR glass lens or recording 1080p full HD video using a flip-up LCD. It does all the work of shooting beautiful photos and videos with a 16-megapixel low-light sensor, lens-shift vibration reduction (VR), easy menus and controls, fun creative effects and excellent automatic operation.

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology has been added to it for instant photo sharing and remote camera control, through that you can easily connect it to a compatible smartphone. With its NIKKOR ED glass lens, you can capture any distant object by getting 40x optical zoom, 80x dynamic fine zoom. It gives you super telephoto power.

It features a large, tilted 3.0-inch 921,000-dot tilting LCD display that makes it easy to compose shots and monitor your video recordings. You can also use it to find exciting new shooting angles.

The Good

  • 3-inch Tilting display.
  • FHD Video Recording.
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC Connectivity.
  • 18 Scene Modes.

The Bad

  • Not A Tropicalized Camera.

What’s the bottom line?

This Nikon B500 Camera releases 16 MP resolution, that enhances the picture quality.

8. Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 Instant Camera with 65.75mm f/12.6 Retractable Lens

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 Instant Camera Price as of 2021-01-27 at 15:15

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 Specifications
Film Format Instax Square
Mega Pixels 3.7
Picture Size 62mm x 62mm
Viewfinder 0.4x optical
Shutter Speed 1.6 – 1/400
Film Developing Time Approx 90sec
Self-Timer 10sec delay
Optic Zoom 6x
Battery Life 30 Square film packs
User Level Beginner

It is a lens-based camera that provides a focal length of about 66 mm. It returns to the body when not in use. It has a small mirror on one side that can be used to frame the selfie. On the other hand, flash and exposure sensors have been installed. The front side’s flash is quite prominent in itself, that gives amazing brightness to your photos.

A range of shooting options have been added to the camera that prepares you for selfies, macro shots, landscape and double exposure. Its two other options act as a control of exposure compensation, with one producing a lighter image and the other darker.

It added another feature for more traditional capture, a tripod bushing at the base, that is standard 1/4-20. In addition, a self-timer delays the exposure for 10 seconds, that you want to frame yourself.

The Good

  • Affordable.
  • Various Modes.
  • Compact.
  • Fun, Square Format Instant Prints.
  • True Analog Experience.

The Bad

  • Softer Image Quality.
  • Pricey Film.

What’s the bottom line?

This Fujifilm Instax Square Camera is the perfect tool for users who want to get creative and use instant photographs to express themselves and their everyday moments on a square film format.

9. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera with 60mm Lens

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera Price as of 2021-01-27 at 15:15

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Specifications
Film Format Instax Mini
Mega Pixels 5.0
Picture Size 62mm x 46mm
Viewfinder 0.37x optical
Shutter Speed 1/2 – 1/250
Film Developing Time Approx 90sec
Self-Timer 10sec delay
Optic Zoom 1x
Battery Life 10 Instax mini film packs
User Level Beginner

This is a compact, instant camera with a cute and iconic design that instantly captures beautiful moments in your life. This product with a selfie mirror and close-up lens captures perfect selfie photo every time.

Features such as a high-key mode for bright photos and automatic exposure measurement for aperture settings are included, enabling you to get on-the-spot credit-card-size photos instantly. It is super easy to use and is compatible with Instax Mini Film.

Now whether on holiday or anniversary, from birthdays to valentines, the Instax mini11 is the perfect accessory to capture one-on-one moments of fun.

The Good

  • Inexpensive.
  • True Automatic Exposure.
  • Mirror And Close Focus For Selfies.
  • AA Battery Power.

The Bad

  • Extra Brightness Flash.

What’s the bottom line?

This Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera comes in a cute and iconic design, capturing perfect selfie photos every time. Now you can capture all the moments of your fun days and keep them for the future.

Summary List of Top 9 Cameras under 15K

Canon IXUS-285 20.2Point & Shoot
Nikon Coolpix W150 13.2Point & Shoot
Sony DSC-W800 20.1Point & Shoot
Sony CyberShot DSC-H300 20.1Point & Shoot
Canon PowerShot SX430 20Digital
Canon IXUS 185 20Digital
Nikon Coolpix B500 16Digital
Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 3.7Instant
Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 5Instant

How to choose the Best Camera under 15000?

When choosing a camera, it is necessary to consider some factors. The following factors explain the benefits and necessity of cameras at specific times.

Optical magnifying skills are a bonus feature with digital zoom. The best camera brands such as Nikon, Canon and Sony, are included in this above list. Therefore, you do not need to waste time. You can choose a random camera from this list of best cameras.


You can’t buy a DSLR camera at this amount so would go with the point & shooting digitalized camera. We can change the camera lens; this is not possible, so you should avoid or ignore this changeable feature of the lens.

Therefore, before buying a camera, you should check the lens size. The bigger size of it enables to captures the proper photos. If you want more zooming, then consider the higher-zooming abilities cameras.

Optical Zoom

This factor is another one of the most crucial features you should not miss counting. The better the zooming option on your camera, you can get a closer view of your far-away subject. A camera with optical properties and the help of actual lens adjustment get close by and personal. The optical flash number shows the shift in zoom between the most zoomed-in option and most zoomed out option.


It defines the number of pixels it can capture in millions. It has its significance in the camera features. The maximum number of pixels means you get better quality pictures. It presents on the camera’s sensor. Another thing is that not only MP important for the best quality of images and videos. The size of the sensor is considering factor as well.


There are many cameras available on the market with viewfinders rather than of an LCD screen. It helps you to line up a shot. Though cameras with larger LCD screens are costly and offer a better view of framing. On the other side, some top-notch compact cameras are ready with optical viewfinders. They are useful for composing a bright light, while it’s tough with the LCD display because of glare.

LCD Screen

While choosing the nice spot and shooting camera, make sure it comes with an LCD display of the great quality. It recommends going for a 3 inch LCD so that you can get the perfect preview of your shot. Just remember that high-quality LCD screens can offer you better colour and let better appearance in bright light.


The sensor plays a massive role in the history of cameras as it replaces the film. Sensors range in sensitivity to light, resolution and size. Big sensors with great value resolution are expensive as they are more sensitive to light.

Full frame is the most significant sensors in the camera types, and their size is the same as that of a 35mm negative. Cropped frame are the smaller versions used by the majority of cameras.

Image Stabilization(IS)

Another feature is worth considering while clicking pictures in low light. IS helps you when your camera sometimes selects a slower shutter rate to get better exposure. While this product is ending up with a blurred effect even with a secure grip.


With different camera models, you get many shooting modes that automatically help a photographer get the most out of their shots. The main part is that your camera itself recognizes a scene without letting you waste time in changing the settings.


An average camera boasts 16-20 megapixels and some cameras have 2x resolution than that. There is a cut-throat competition among the camera companies. For producing the camera with the maximum pixels density, lot of cameras involved.

If you crop out 2/3 of an image captured by a 36 MP camera, you have an image of 12 MP. You can say that higher resolution is equal to a more beautiful grain. It’s not the case that only higher-megapixel cameras are a great deal.

Cameras with lower megapixels work better in dark conditions, and they are more sensitive to light. Your computer hard drive and memory cards fill up fast if you use a higher-megapixel camera as the file size correlates to resolution. You find the lenses for full-frame cameras more expensive.

Battery Life

An important factor you can’t ignore. Some cameras come with their rechargeable lithium-ion batteries so that you use it for more time. Whereas some models operate by regular AA batteries, that is beneficial for those who don’t have access to an outlet.


You find several compact cameras that come with excellent Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. Why this feature so important for your point & shoot camera as it gives you the freedom to control your camera remotely. It allows you to share your videos and photos to your smartphone or computers with great ease. So there is no need to use the camera cable or remove the SD card.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does burst mean in photos of cameras?

Burst mode, called continuous shooting mode, sports mode or continuous high-speed mode, is a camera shooting mode. Several photographs are captured in quick succession by either pressing the shutter button or holding it down in burst mode.

2. What are the benefits of point & shoot camera?

Benefits of Point or Shoot Camera are
Compact size
This model is of low weight.
It is easy to use.
It comes up with Automatic functions.
Fixed-lens camera with built-in flash.
The low cost makes it affordable.

3. What is best ISO for the camera?

When shooting with flash, it’s often best to shoot with the ISO set low, ideally between 100 and 400 to ensure the fantastic image quality. Flashguns adjust power output when set to TTL mode, so the subject is most often perfect when shooting portraits.