Sony A7C Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Review [September 2023]

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Sony A7C ILCE Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera
Sony Alpha 7C
Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
24.2 Mega Pixels
BIONOZ X-Processor
E-mount Lens
Sony A7C ILCE Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera
Sony Alpha 7C
Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
24.2 Mega Pixels
BIONOZ X-Processor
E-mount Lens

One of the best sellers is the Sony Alpha ILCE-7C Camera that comes in a compact body with a full-frame sensor. Most building construction is similar to Sony A7 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera. This brand new concept of A7C creates a more compact system that blends lightweight and small portable design. So, it doesn’t mean compromising picture quality, although you would get superior results.

The Sony A7C Full-Frame Camera is a dream of every travel photographer who desires to capture moments with outstanding quality standards. It possesses all the features that provide a great content creation facility on the go and is easily packed in small bags rather than large backpacks. It is the great choice for keen amateurs and professional content creators without sacrificing image quality.

One who aspires to downsize the large full-sized frame to make it more portable will like this concept. It is designed to offer improved tracking and eye auto-focus points in a smaller footprint. It seems attractive to those working on crop sensors and want the superior image quality that this full-frame CMOS image sensor can provide.

Sony A7C Mirrorless Camera Review: First Impressions

Sony A7C
Sony A7C ILCE Specifications
Sensor Type35.6 x 23.8 mm Full-Frame CMOS
Mega Pixels24.2
Image ProcessorBIONOZ X-Processor
ISO100 – 51200
Shutter Speed30 to 1/4000 sec (Mechanical) 30 to 1/8000 sec (Electronic)
Lens MountE-mount (FE 28-60 mm)
Screen3-inch Vari-angle LCD monitor
Continuous Shooting Speed10 fps
Max. Video Resolution3840 x 2160 p
Optic Zoom3x
Weight429 grams (without battery & memory card)

Reasons to Buy

  • Internal battery charge.
  • Take 680 shots in the viewfinder with one charge battery.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Remote sharing with NFC One-touch.
  • Self-timer reduces the possibility of shaking images.
  • Great auto-focus performance.
  • Excellent retracting lens.
  • Limitless shooting potential.
  • Hassle-free wireless control.
  • External flash compatibility.
  • 5-axis image stabilization mechanism.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only single card slot option.
  • Old menu navigation settings.
  • Small Viewfinder.

Sony A7C Mirrorless Camera: Detailed Specifications

Sony A7C, where C means Compact is an entry-level full-frame camera. It brings in a Binoz x processor, integrated image stabilization, better microphones and headphone sockets, flip screen and more. This camera has the ability to take stunning shots with low noise even in dim light and at high mechanical shutter speeds.

The refinement aspects that appear on the premium model of Sony Alpha 7R, 7S and Alpha 9 include AF tracking, Eye AF, Touch tracking, 4K movies, Variable-angle LCD, shake-free movie stabilization, and digital audio recording are easily furnished on the A7C. The ISO sensitivity range is from 100 to 512000 and expandable upto ISO 50 to 204800. It includes various creative styles such as standard, vivid, clear, neutral, light, deep, portrait, landscape, sunset, night scene and more.

Build Design

Sony A7C model is engineered Magnesium alloy for top, front and rear covers that increase body durability. The extreme ergonomic shape is weather-sealed to avoid dust and moisture for comfortable shooting in a wide range of conditions. Its external camera body uses an aeroplane design pattern that reduces weight and increases strength with rigid flexibility.


We all know, large sensor cameras are known for high ISO performance, better dynamic range and superior ability to show background. A full-frame sensor is 2.5 times bigger than the APS-C sensor in surface area and 4 times the Micro Four Third sensor. This groundbreaking full-frame ICLE Alpha 7C camera shed extra size and weight without losing valuable features.

The large sensor achieves more details in texture and shadow areas in beautiful images. It opens up new creative aspects with a wider dynamic range, less noise and higher resolution.

The 24.2 MP Exmor R CMOS image sensor works with the Binoz X engine to deliver great colour reproduction. It helps capture detail and smooth transitions across all lighting conditions in still and movie frames.


A wide diverse range of E mount lenses is available with the Sony A7C full-frame camera to increase your creativity, and lenses meet the professional, content creator, or amateur demands. The compact lenses offer low-distortion images, wide focal lengths, and you can take beautiful photos with depth and bokeh.

The wide angles creative compression effects on telephoto lenses provide endless possibilities. So, take the leverage of the full capabilities of Sony lenses due to the full-frame sensor.

Autofocus System

The Sony Alpha full frame cameras come with 693 phase-detection and 425 contrast-detection AF points. Its sensor provides wide and high-density AF covering approx. 93% of the image. The amazing autofocus ability won’t losses your subject. Animal AF and AF tracking combine to capture every move in ultra-sharp detail. With the help of advanced algorithms that contribute high autofocus and precise distance measurement at low light levels, it allows shooting in AF-S mode when scenes are dark.

It is very easy to activate real-time tracking with the AF-ON button. The most convenient way to capture moving subjects even with AF-S mode, real-time tracking expands the shooting possibilities anytime under AF modes. For a continuous fast-moving subject, it uses an in-built real-time AI-based tracking.

Movie Making Profiles

One can expand the artistic moviemaking options with the super controls of image quality and dimensions of the sensor. The advanced picture profile elevates expressive creativity, including S-Log3 Gamma, HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma). Moreover, these features give you access to fine details in both shadows and highlights during post-production. They also allow direct HDR movie mode for playback and workflows.

In 4K recording, shallow depth of field enables capturing moments with bokeh effects. The Full-pixel readout allows oversampling for 6K recording with pixel binning for clean and clear images. This camera shoots up to 10 frames per second, and its generous buffer ensures you can shoot raw images for more than 11 seconds before the camera starts to slow down.


The high-capacity battery (NP-FZ1000) provides sufficient power to capture up to 740 images on a full charge while using an LCD monitor and 680 shots using th犀利士 e Viewfinder. It lets you record 215 minutes of video recording without pause with an LCD monitor. The Sony A7C camera has a USB Type-C connector to charge from an AC adaptor or power bank to continue the shooting.

LCD Display

The fully articulating LCD monitor is open from the side and intuitive to rotate 176° horizontally and 270° vertically. This large touch-sensitive screen provides 921K dots and optimal visibility in bright outdoor light. Another respect in which this camera is useful, take your shot or selfie from a virtual position and angle for stills and movies.

The turning ability of the screen to face the back of the camera is free from scratching the rear LCD when you throw it in the bag. Therefore, use this small camera everywhere for travelling and everyday life.

Other Features

External Flash: The light output of attached flash settings can adjust through camera menu changes showing on the flash display.

Movie Button: This camera has a movie button exclusively designed to create vlogging content, take selfies, and shoot from different angles.

Digital Recording: The Sony A7C supports a digital audio recording, so it is embedded with an ECM-B1M shotgun microphone that provides clear digital sound for all kinds of recording.

Imaging Edge Mobile & Movie Editor: You can remotely operate the camera’s shutter and start or stop movie recording with its in-built Wi-Fi and imaging Edge Mobile apps.

Picture Effects: It supports eight different types of picture effects lie toy camera, pop colour, retro photo, posterization, soft high-key, partial colour, high contrast monochrome and rich-tone monochrome.

Dynamic Range Function: This highly featured camera has a variable range optimizer that adjusts the colour tones and auto high dynamic range to record real-world scenes.

What’s the bottom line?

The Sony A7C is the smallest and compact full-frame interchangeable lens mirrorless digital camera. It fits 5-axis image stabilizing system, enabling you to zoom in and get close-ups and night scenes with excellent clarity and great battery life. It offers spectacular performance with advanced AF functions. This camera was launched in September 2020 by Sony. It arrives with two years of standard warranty and one year extended warranty on registration on Alpha services.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is real-time tracking in cameras?

Real-time AF tracking makes autofocus easier for the average person to spend time framing the creative side and getting good shots. It takes your AF technology to an entirely new level and tracks the subject within the half release of the shutter regardless of where it moves inside the frame.

2. Does Sony A7C have a wireless feature?

Yes, it is compatible with wireless features and has 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi capabilities. This camera can also perform FTP file sharing during shooting, either wired or wireless. Using imaging edge applications, shoot creative angles, preview the content, share videos or images worldwide, and control shooting for distant selfies.

3. What is the lens kit for Sony Alpha 7C?

This Sony Mirrorless Camera comes with a 28-50 mm f/4-5.6 standard zoom lens. This lens is 40% smaller than the original kit lens of Alpha 7, so it weighs just 167 grams and takes very little space in your bag when not in use.

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