Best Refrigerators In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy​

1. LG 260 L 3-Star Double Door Refrigerator

LG 260 L Frost Free

2. Samsung 253 L 3-Star Inverter Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung 253 L

3. LG 190 L 4-Star Inverter Single Door Refrigerator

LG 190 L Direct Cool

Refrigerator becomes an essential part to satisfy our needs. This machine helps to maintain the freshness and storage of vegetables or other eatables. It is an integral part of the kitchen that keeps the fruits and other ingredients fresh for at least 1-2 weeks. Along with preserving things, it is capable of providing cool water through the summer.

In the market, you have found so many leading brands for the production of the home appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, fridges. There are many perfect model of refrigerators. While investing for the fridge, consider three key features that are Capacity, Type and energy Consumption. In summer due to rise in temperature, everyone wants a cold water glass.

You can go through this write up for the features in the buying guide section. Here we give you the complete of 10 Best Refrigerators In India. With advancements in technology, newly updated feature home appliances come in the market. But it is quite a tidy task.

Top 10 Best Refrigerators In India

LG GL-I292RPZL LG GL-I292RPZL Double Door260L
Samsung RT28T3483S8/HL Samsung RT28T3483S8/HL Double Door253L
LG GL-B201ASPY LG GL-B201ASPY Single Door190L
Haier HRB-3404BS-R/HRB-3404BS-E Haier HRB-3404 BS-R/HRB-3404 BS-E Double Door320L
Samsung RR22M272ZS8 Samsung RR22M272ZS8 Single Door212L
Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S Single Door190L
Samsung RR20T182XR8/HL Samsung RR20T182XR8/HL Single Door192L
Haier HED- 20CFDS Haier HED- 20CFDS Single Door195L
Whirlpool FP 263D Protton Roy Whirlpool FP 263D Multi Door240L

Which are the 10 Best Refrigerators in India 2020?

1. LG 260L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-I292RPZL, Shiny Steel, Smart Inverter Compressor)

LG 260 L Frost Free

This double door fridge from LG is one of the best models in India that comes with Smart Inverter Compressor. It is designed to give the energy efficiency. It helps to provide long retention freshness with less noise. This smart method saves sources by setting the Power. It has a new Ice beam Door cold method that assures even settings in the whole device.

Multi Air circulates coolness distribute the cool air through vents, and it circulates the air in every corner. So, it helps in keeping the food fresh. The refrigerator ensures the proper flow of air in the whole unit. With LG Smart diagnosis app resolves the error as fast as possible with correct details. It has a Stabilizer free operation that can reduce the chances of damage due to voltage fluctuations. The operating range of this machine is 100-310 Volts.

Smart connect feature inbuilt in it that helps the refrigerator to connect with the inverter when the light goes off. Once you join this device to the inverter, it doesn’t need manual intervention again when the light goes off. Moist Balance Crisper consists of innovative frame pattern-box that adjusts the mist content in the fridge. It comes with proper space to store the 2-litre size bottles of water. Jet Ice technology count as beneficial for the people who frequently need ice cubes in short notice. It is helpful at instances when you want to freeze the kulfi.

It has three shelves of spill-proof toughened glass shelves that carry heavy load without any spillage. Apart from this, it has an egg tray area and 23-litre volume capacity for the vegetable compartment. It includes a double twisting ice plate. Anti-bacterial gasket for the preventions from bacteria. The unique point it has spacious chiller zone. Humidity control balances the air level inside the fridge to crisp and dry. To remove the bad smell, it has a Deodorizer that keeps the Refrigerator fresh. The top LED bulb’s energy efficiency has a long life.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

LG 260 L Refrigerator includes the smart feature. This best Refrigerator is available at a reasonable price.

2. Samsung 253L 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28T3483S8/HL, Elegant Inox)

Samsung 253 L

This refrigerator has a cold pack wall to keep the foodstuff chilled for 12 hours during the power cut. The temperature control of both freezer and Refrigerator adjust with separate knobs. The Refrigerator has an inbuilt Stabilizer excludes the usage of external Voltage Balancer. It can control 100- 300 V. The 253 L capacity is suitable for 2-3 family members.

Samsung guarantees the long term energy efficiency. With the auto-link it enables the unit to connect with Home Inverter. In case of a power outage, the food stays healthy and keep it for a long time. It some other features like cool and freeze option. These traits aid to store your consumable food item. Besides, by keeping noise level low, it saves more electricity. With its continuous multiple air flow system, it manages to spread the all-round for cooling.

The deep door holds the large size of water bottles and drinks without wasting more space. You can take the food from the fridge by shielding the shelf. It can move very easy. Moreover, the harden glass shelves can hold 150kg of food loads and pots. You don’t have to worry about the cracks on the glass shelf. Moist, fresh zone created that make the machine with enough amount of humidity.

Long-lasting LED furnishes inside of it that give proper light from all angles. The ergonomic design of it would allow opening the door quickly. Indeed, the vegetable box maintains the moisture level for preserving the food. It drove the moisture from lattice-pattern.

Sometimes observed ice form on the control knob on its cooler setting. It nake you difficult to select the operation range. The automatic-defrost function prevents ice build-ups, so it is free from the frost. After a certain interval, it again freezes. The 3 Star energy rating ake it enables us to save more energy.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Samsung 253 litre 3-Star Refrigerator comes with a stylish design, display, and power-packed features.

3. LG 190L 4-Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (GL-B201ASPY, Scarlet Plumeria)

LG 190 L Direct Cool

LG fridge is economical and saves more resources. It offers cooling without variation in the input voltage. The 4 Star energy rating certification makes it a highly energy efficiency product. It helps to save money in terms of power supply  bills. There is no need for extra Stabilizer. With its inbuilt Voltage leveller, it can operate in the range of 90-310 Volts. If something sudden happens and power faults come, the whole unit shuts down.

Its tempered glass lids can bear the 175 kg load. Thus placing heavy dishes on it is neither an issue. With the 190 litre capacity, then 2-3 members of family can use it. This Refrigerator is fast in ice making from its peer products. It doesn’t take more than 108 minutes for the procedure of ice making.

Direct Cool technology makes the fridge compatible with Home inverter. It maintains the freshness level when there is no power. It has a reasonable amount and giving the cooling without voltage changes. Another fantastic feature, it includes moist n Fresh that balances the water content inside of it. The web shape box absorbs the humid atmosphere when it has variation in the water amount. This method ensures that the moisture from vegetables and fruits evaporates and condenses on the lattice.

Along with this, the Smart Inverter Compressor delivers unmatched performance. It has the ability to great savings and super noise free operation. The stylish structure of single door fridges have 2 bottles shelves and can hold 175 kg load. Further, it has an ice box, egg tray with proper space. The vegetable section can occupy the 12.5-litre volume of the veggies or fruits. The refrigerator includes the anti-bacterial and air tighten gasket that can easily keep the eatables hygienic and healthy for a more extended period.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

LG Direct-Cool Refrigerator has a 190-litre storing capacity. Its smart design delivers unbeaten performance.

4. LG 687L Frost-Free Side by Side Refrigerator (GC-B247SLUV.APZQEBN, Inverter Compressor)

LG 687 L Frost Free

This French door refrigerator model of LG has linear Inverter compressor that saves 51% energy and reduces the noise by 25%. From the standard test reports conducted for energy usage and noise level. This is a frost-free type freezer and doesn’t require physical efforts for defrosting. It’s Hygiene Fresh + System has 5 steps of antibacterial deodorization eliminates bacteria up to 99.9 per cent. Besides, it minimizes the bad odour.

The refrigerator works on multi-digital sensors that can monitor and respond to warm food and open the doors. It maintains the temperature at the optimum level at the same instant. If you don’t have budget constraints, then you can go with this stylish fridge.

The Cooling Air Flowing Method passes the cool air through the vents in every corner of the machine. By continuous operation of Compressor express freeze helps to freeze the edibles faster than ever before.

To operate the LG appliances, the LG smart ThinQ helps to work efficiently. You can use it anywhere from your home. It consists of 3 big racks for bottles and 2 vegetable containers. Moreover, the inner section divides into 3 shelves. It has separate one large box for storing milk, cheese and butter.

The Smar Diagnosis helps to diagnose the problem and resolve it correctly and fast. Whereas you communicate with service agent through this app. The other function it indulges are Child Lock, door Alarm and LED lamp.

In the freezer area, it also has 3 shelves and with this 2 chiller box. For storing bigger things, it has 2 big racks and for smaller items, again has 2 small frames. You can load up to 60 litres or more of than 60. It has smart storage with better organization shares.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

LG Side by Side Refrigerator in India brings smart and advance features with enormous loading capacity. It is an ultra-stylish product.

5. Haier 320L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator(HRB-3404BS-R/HRB-3404BS-E, Brushline silver, Bottom Freezer)

Haier 320 L BMF

Haier comes under leading brand lists that is famous for household appliances. The material of this refrigerators have toughened glass lid that gave surprises with its durable nature. The lids can bear enormous weight. It uses the new LED light that covers the entire unit and provides brighter light than ever. Further, this bulb consumes very less electricity.

With this model of Haier, you don’t need to bend more. It gives you a best experience of comfort and convenience with 320-litre storage capacity. The double door fridge with freezer featured on its bottom reduces the 90% bending job. The best thing is that it has two times bigger fridge section of BMR than other refrigerators.

The refrigerator remains frost-free all the time. It has big cool pads that retain the cooling effect for up to 10 hours even when there is a power fault. The 360 degrees technology rotates the cold air entirely in the Refrigerator. It aids in bouncing back air from every direction. So, the cooling remains intact and fresh.

These refrigerators give great convenience to store and keep your vegetables fresh and retain longer. It furnishes with a separate fruit compartment and avoids the mixing of flavours. The freezer has the volume to store up to 86 litre stocking capacity. You can make your own ice snacks and freeze them like ice-creams. Even for storing junk food, it has impressive efficiency. It accompanies with bottle guard comes with storage space. You can save big bottles, cans and drink containers.

With its latest 1-hour icing technology, it can bring down freezer temperature to -5 degrees within 60 minutes. The twin twist ice tray avoids struggling to get the ice cubes from the tray. Along with this tray, you just need to twist and collect the ice pieces in the box. For protections from the voltage changes, the fridge can itself manages the range and wouldn’t need for separate Stabilizer.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

With 320L capacity, Haier Frost free refrigerator comes with advanced technique of BMR (Bottom Mounted Refrigerator).

6. Samsung 212L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RR22M272ZS8, Elegant Inox, Inverter Compressor)

Samsung 212 L Single Door

Many of use want a compact and affordable fridge but also desire extra space. This model of Samsung has a good option for 3-4 people and the right size for a family. It is compatible with Solar resource energy if you want that configuration according to your home. With its Digital Inverter method, you can get super output by using less power and create less noise. The Compressor assures the pressure is on the right side where you need.

You can store frozen food and make ice-snacks in its super freeze zone. The veggie container has a durable veg box cover along with it, keeps the vegetables or fruits healthy. Its big bottle protector can hold large drinks bottle without wasting the space. The fridge has safe, clean back that shields the internal components and makes it simple to clean from the backside.

This fridge has best features of freshness and coolness that good for milk and deserts. Store the 150kg load of food or other frozen things on the glass lid. It has a best arrangement of shelves that enables to store the freezing stuff. There is a keyhole on its chromium handle. You can lock it and keep safe from kids. If the fridge open again and again, then the performance may get down.

The Antibacterial gasket prevents the entry and build-up of fungi and germs inside of it. It got good energy-efficiency Star rating that protects your pockets from extra money. The design of this product is sleek and stylish, also available in different colours. It garnishes the look of your kitchen. It doesn’t take much space and fit into small portion.

We all know the value of Stabilizer that reduces the effect of the power surge. It consists of an inbuilt voltage stabilization mode that keeps the voltage level in the operating range. When there are certain chances of breakdown, then this mode shuts off the whole device.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

The Samsung Refrigerator has a full function that is ideal for the freezing unit. It is quite spacious.

7. Whirlpool 190L 3-Star Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 CLS 3S)

Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star

Whirlpool comes with the modern version of the Refrigerator. The Pocket handle is the current and sleek design of this product that blends in your tasteful interior of the house. It allows easy cleaning of your fridge. In the jumbo bottle rack on door side, store up to 2-litre size bottles with ease. It provides 9-hours cooling keep after the power failure. Its overall annual electricity consumption is moderate. The ample space of it take care of your daily necessities accompanies by separate part for dairy products.

From its control cooling technology, you can defrost the extra ice with the hassle-free mechanism. Along with it, it gives active cooling. Inbuilt stabilizer reduces the job of the additional stabilizer. Indeed, it manages to handle the voltage fluctuations. The Chiller zone is perfect for the storage of cans and milk products or milk packets. It enables to chilled them at the optimum point. The shelves are removable are adjust to different height as per your need. It has two egg tray on the door side.

To enhance the storing space and load the heavy utensils, this refrigerator furnishes with wire shelves that are robust to hold the weight. The extra-large of vegetable crisper makes sure that you never find space is run out. It has a vast volume to store the veggie. This vegetable crisper has a honey-comb moisture lock-in technology that maintains wet contents so that vegetables remains fresh for a long time. The unique advance moisture slider that aids to regulates the optimum humid level in the salad. This feature enhances the duration period of the freshness of the green.

Antibacterial Gaskets is removable, and it is easy to wash. The air-tight gasket keeps the door liner clean and prevents the generation of fungi and bacteria. So, your foods stay healthy and hygienic for longer intervals. The storage volume of the freezer space has a large capacity to place the fast food and milk creams type snacks. You can keep the ice-container inside of the fridge as it has sufficient space.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

The 3 Star Energy Efficient Rating makes the Whirlpool Single Door Fridge great device with its performance.

8. Samsung 192L Inverter Single Door Refrigerator (RR20T182XR8/HL, Blooming Saffron Red, Base Stand with Drawer)

Samsung 192 L 4 Star

When the point to the reliability, the VDE certification respected over the world. After the testing of Compressor of the Refrigerator, VDE has certified that it will last longer for 21 years. It’s Digital Inverter Compressor certified to work for 21 years and backed up to 10 years. The Grande Door Design increases the look of the article. The line placed towards bottom gives a better look and feel like double door layout.

The stylish handle adds glamour to the interior and provides excellent support at the same time. It consumes the less energy and runs on the home Inverter once the connect is build-up. This network keeps the machine running when the power is cut. It keeps on working 24×7 even during the power cut.

You can keep the vegetables at room temperature. It has an extra drawer at the base of the Refrigerator and place to store the plants that don’t need cooling such as onion and potatoes. You wouldn’t need an extra basket and take more space in the kitchen. Overall, cooling and freshness regulate with its different features.

It arrives with the aesthetic look among the other rivals companies. All appliances run on electricity generated by solar panels with the voltage range from 100- 300 V. Solar Charge Controller regulates the current and voltage in the batteries. In the evening the stored energies of the battery used by the SPCU to run appliances.

You can easily clean the back of the fridge. The Safe neat back has smooth safety cover for vital coils and cables. From the looks, it seems beautiful and can wipe and offers added durability. This refrigerator limits the dirt to collect around the components and protects them from knocks. The 4 Star energy rating makes it save power wastage and releases the fantastic outcomes.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

The 192 L capacity of Samsung Inverter Refrigerator has VDE certification. The back of it is scratch resistance and shields the internal parts.

9. Haier 195L 4-Star Direct Cool Single Door Fridge (HED- 20CFDS, Dazzle Steel)

Haier 195L Single door

For the small and narrow kitchen, these refrigerators are the perfect option. But that doesn’t lend to compromise with the storage space. In this model of the Haier, you get the capacity of 19-litre for storing the water and drink bottles. It is compact but has adequate space for both compartments. You have the ample of scope to stocks the fruits, salad and other leftover food.

The shelves made up of the hardened glass that withstands heavyweight pans and pots for the lasting of the food. There’s an egg shelves area where you can place the eggs. The adjustable shelves can take the 120 kgs weight and make it easy to set the kitchen utensil in an emergency. The long bottle shield can store tall size bottles and cans. Besides, you can keep the tall chilling drink bottles.

With this best Refrigerator, you get the stunning, unique, and spacious features in India across different models. You don’t have to trouble about the energy it consumes as it has 4 Star energy savings mode. It makes the product economical. The Haier presents the sleek and aesthetic design with attractive colours add a lavish look to your kitchen.

The Direct Cooling Single Door Fridge has thicker PUF (Polyurethane rigid foam) insulation compares to standard old Refrigerator. This would help to obtain a low temperature for better cooling. The smooth exterior finish lets you wipe out with a wet cloth. Stop your childer from overeating by locking their chocolates and deserts with the facility of the Child lock system.

Inbuilt Stabilizer can take care of voltage variations in the range of 135 to 290 Volts. So, you need not worry about the voltage issues. Anti-Fungal Gasket limits the fungus growth in the moist area. In this case of Haier, it is removable that prevents the spread of bacterias and fungus. For the defrost, just need to press the button. You wouldn’t wait more than 60 minutes for the ice formation. Its 60 minutes Icing method gives ice cube in a single hour.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

The 4 Star rating gives the adequate energy level for this Haier Refrigerator.

10. Whirlpool 240L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator (FP 263D Protton Roy)

Whirlpool 240 L Multidoor

Whirlpool introduces the triple door fridge in India with some great features. The 240-litre capacity is enough for medium family size, and this is a best option. The Refrigerator has three doors so, you can keep the freezer, vegetable tray and separate the main door. Its energy-efficiency light for avoiding darkness during the use of it. It consumes less energy than CFL.

This refrigerator prevents the ripening of fruits and veggie and keeps them fresh for long intervals with Zeolite Technology. The Micro block technique uses the unique additive anti-microbial that prevents up to 99% growth of bacteria on the fruits and salad. With Moisture Retention Technology, the cold air flow retains the moisture around the compartment for the freshness of the stored items.

Air Booster manages the distribution of fresh and chill air so that each section receive uniform cooling that is necessary. The Active Crisp Zone provides up to 32 L of massive storage. Indeed, it has a separate section for fruits and vegetables. The fruit Crisper created to avoids odour mixing with other edibles. In its deli zone, you can stock the delicacies like cheese, butter, berries, chocolates and other milk products. It gives customized cooling.

Ice Twister provides easy twist-action to collect the pieces in the box. Apart from this, it comes with toughened glass shelves that can carry the vast weight of the utensil and leftover food items. The Protton would series powered by 6th Sense Active Freshness.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

This Multi door Whirlpool Refrigerator has advanced and unique features. The great aspect of this best refrigerator is that it offers high-quality cooling. While it ensures the maximum power at the same time. Besides, it gives two times more freshness as it has different functioning parts. Its different thing it has triple door.

How to Choose the Best Refrigerator in India?

You can invest after some knowledge of factor that you need to observe. In the buying guide, we have provided an explanation about the features that require to take the decision. To purchase the Best Refrigerator in India, you should focus on the essential factors. You need to know the features and technologies before jump into the pool of products. This buying guide help in picking the refrigerator in India.

The absence of heat gives the cool both are relative terms. A fridge works on this simple phenomenon. It absorbs the heat from the things that kept inside of it and cooled them. From a technical point of view, it has three basis Compression, Condensation and Evaporation.

Types of Refrigerator

In the market, different types of fridges are available. The classes are Single Door, Double Door, Multi-door, Side by Side.

Single Door Refrigerator

From the name, you can understand in this type, the Refrigerator has one door. Inside of it the freezer section attached with the bigger compartment. These products have budget price. They offer high cooling, along with a standard volume of capacity to store the food, veggies, fruits.

Another important thing that it is suitable for 3-4 members family. The maximum capacity for this fridge is 300 Litre. The limitation of this factor, it is not frost-free. You need manual defrosting, but in some appliances, you have found the function that requires less physical efforts. You just press the button for defrosting.

Double Door Refrigerator

As in the case of a single door, the fridge has one door, so same for this type of double door. This kind of product has two separate portions one for the freezer and other for cooling unit. In most of the devices, the freezer installed on the top but in latest models, it mounted on the bottom area.

The Bottom Mounted Refrigerators avoid the bending work to things take out. The freezer usually frost-free, it arrives with some heat qualities that don’t let the frost to collect. You find the 240-litre storage capacity that meets the daily needs of a standard nuclear family.

Multidoor Refrigerator

For a big family, you can choose the better technology and features Multiple door refrigerator. In this type, the top compartment is for the freezer, and the middle one for cooling section and the lowermost is for the vegetable basket. The bottom area designs mainly for the veggies and fruits so that these ingredients stay fresh. They require a balanced amount of moist.

Due to three separate section, odour mixing is not possible. Some three-door refrigerators have options for automatic ice water dispenser. Even they need more power to run, but they give better functions.

Side by Side Door Refrigerator

These refrigerators type have more space and flexible options than others. Further, it takes much space. They are usually enormous and arrives with a water dispensing unit. It helps to gulp down the cold water without opening the fridge. These refrigerators tend to use more power; however, they have many unique qualities.

These refrigerator provide huge capacity as the capacity is more then energy usage is more. Among Indian family, these appliances never common. Another notable point is these units are frost-free and have a lot of sections. Sometimes it termed as French door fridge. 

Inverter Technology

This is the most desirable factor in India. People suffer from high electricity bills problem, power fault, load shedding. So, the products that work on this technology run on power cuts. In general, it uses less energy than the standard Refrigerators. It enables us to save 40% of electricity and save money.

With Inverter Technology, the Compressor works on the different speed levels. It provides better cooling output. When the temperature falls under the bearing levels, the inverter starts to switch the Compressor on lower capacity. But it goes at maximum capacity when cooling is required.


It depends on the defrosting type categories into parts.

Direct Cool Defrosting

In Direct cool type refrigerator, the natural air circulation uses throughout the appliances. It produces coolness by using natural convection method. So, you can’t control the cooling setting distribution inside the Refrigerator. In result, it leads the uneven cooling, and in the output, it creates a collection of frost. The freezer has to defrost to avoid the ice growth regularly.

The fridge with this technology comes in Single Door unit. They demand less electricity, low maintenance. So, for a small budget and less space, it is the best option.

Frost Free Rerigerator

In this type, it has defrosted cycle that works at regular intervals to remove the frost or prevent the frost collection. This special technology has an equal spread of cooled air across the fridge using electric fans. This method available in Double door, Multidoor and French door types refrigerators. They have maximum power loss and long life span. It is suitable for households that need constant refrigeration.

Cool Box

When power cut occurs, Cool Box is another feature that works well for some time. The modern machines come with the technology of Cool Box. It permits the fridge to stay crisp and fresh when light has been gone for long hours. After the power cut of 2-6 hours, it will remain intact the milk, veggies and fruits. For the area where power cuts are often, they need to get a hold on this method.


The common refrigerant in practice is CFC. It causes damage to the environment as well as some health hazards. It attacks the atmosphere where you placed it. Some of the Refrigerators have environment-friendly coolants. The best alternatives for the coolants are R134a, R600a. They are never toxic to nature but gives long life.

In Air conditioner also uses the coolants that are green substance never hurt the planet. For the clean air, we can take the Air Purifiers unit that works on the Refrigerants.

Stabilizer Free

The voltages changes are an unknown thing to the households, so you need a Stabilizer. They generally protect against the short circuit and voltage gain or drop. As technology becomes advanced in recent years, now the Refrigerator in India comes with an inbuilt stabilizer. These built-in Stabilizers control the voltages variation and a sudden surge of tensions. Without buying the external Stabilizer not only reduce the cost but the energy efficiency of your device also increases.

Conversion Facility

The standard fridge to freezer ratio is around the 8:2. With this refrigerator, you can make stocks of vegetables and fruits in the main fridge unit. In this way, the freezer almost unusable for vegetarians. However, when you lack space of freezer, then there is a technology that fulfils the demand for space.

With the conversion amenity, you can change your freezer into a fridge that helps you to put regular things. This is the perfect decision for those people who have space crunch issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it worth repairing a fridge?

The repairing of the fridge saves the exchanging cost. It is effortless to find the separate parts and components of the Refrigerators. There is another option, you can contact the service centre of the company to fix the issues.

2. How to disinfect the fridge?

You can use the spray solution of vinegar and water inside the freezing device. You make sure to focus on the solid part. Leave for a few minutes then wipe out with a clean wet towel.

3. Do  Refrigerators require regular maintenance?

Yes, like the other appliances, fridge also requires maintenance at least once in a year. You can ask the makers if it is under warranty or gives some extra tips for the support.

4. Which is the best level of Energy Rating?

The 5 Star level is the best energy rating. It consumes less power. It offers best efficiency in terms of output as well as worth for the environment.

5. Is the moisture present in the vegetable section is normal?

Yes, it is normal even makes the veggies fresh and healthy. When the water in the vegetables evaporates, it strikes to the cold area, in result, you get water droplets. The humid air over the plants swept out by dynamic airflow inside of the fridge and kept the veggies fresh.

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