Best Refrigerators In India to Buy – January 2021

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Best Refrigerators to Buy!

LG 360 L Double Door Refrigerator

LG GL-T402JDS3 Price as of 2021-01-28 at 08:35

Samsung 324L Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung RT34M5538S8/HL Price as of 2021-01-28 at 08:57

Refrigerators become an essential part to satisfy our needs. This kitchen appliance helps to maintain the freshness and storage of vegetables or other eatables. It is an integral part of the kitchen that keeps the fruits and other ingredients fresh for at least 1-2 weeks. Along with preserving things, it is capable of providing cool water through the summer.

While investing for the fridge, consider three key features that are Capacity, Type and energy Consumption. You can go through this write up for the features in the buying guide section.

To ease your task of choosing the best one, our experts researched and listed the top-rated refrigerators based on style, budget, and features. Here the 10 Best Refrigerators in India that will suit your style and home requirements.

Which are the 10 Best Refrigerators in India 2021?

1. LG 360 L 3 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-T402JDS3)

LG GL-T402JDS3 Price as of 2021-01-28 at 08:35

LG GL-T402JDS3 Specifications
Refrigerator TypeDouble Door
Total Capacity360 L
Freezer Capacity87 L
Compressor TypeInverter Linear
Cooling TechnologyDoor Cooling+
Energy Efficiency Rating3 Star Rating
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Dimensions67.2(L) x 60(W) x 163.5(H) cm
Suitable For4 to 5 people
MaterialStainless Steel

This LG double door refrigerator comes with a smart digital inverter compressor. So whenever the power goes off, it automatically takes inverter power to run without any manual guidance. This model has a 3-star energy rating in power consumption and built-in stabilizer reduces the chance of damage due to voltage fluctuations.

Its another best feature is the Door Cooling+ system that circulates the chilled air like an air conditioner to every part of it. Thus it ensures uniform cooling and keeps the fruits and veggies fresh for the long term. It comes with three spill proof toughened glass racks, 2 L bottle guard and egg tray section that takes the massive load without any damage. 

Superior in all, it is a convertible refrigerator that can expand up to 45% storage space by converting the freezing unit into the fridge. It has an LED light that is more energy-efficient and has a longer lifespan than a conventional bulb. There are many other smart features like Deodorizer to keep the refrigerator fresh and Humidity controller balance to keep the air inside the fridge cool & dry. 

The Good

  • Auto Smart Connect
  • Comes with twist ice tray 
  • Solar Smart refrigerator can work on solar energy
  • Smart Diagnosis – fast and easy way to troubleshoot issues
  • Ten years warranty on compressor

The Bad

  • No light in the freezer compartment

What’s the bottom line?

This LG 360 L Refrigerator includes various smart features and is energy-efficient. It boasts all the basics including adjustable shelves, good lighting and an ice maker.

2. Samsung 324L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT34M5538S8/HL)

Samsung (RT34M5538S8/HL) Price as of 2021-01-28 at 08:57

Samsung RT34M5538S8/HL Specifications
Refrigerator TypeDouble Door
Total Capacity324 L
Freezer Capacity72 L
Compressor TypeDigital Inverter
Cooling TechnologyTwin Cooling Plus
Energy Efficiency Rating2 Star Rating
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Dimensions67.2(L) x 60(W) x 163.5(H) cm
Suitable For4 to 5 members

This refrigerator uses a Twin Cooling Plus technology that gives two times longer freshness with an independent cooling system. There are separate airflows in the refrigerator and freezer. It has 5 conversion modes that will take care of all your refrigeration needs. Its Vacation mode is useful when you are going on vacation and have to store some food in the freezing unit. You can control the temperature of both freezer and refrigerator with the touch of a button. 

The Refrigerator has an inbuilt Stabilizer excluding the usage of external Voltage Balancer. It can control 100- 300 V. Samsung guarantees the long term efficiency. With the Smart Connect Inverter, it enables the unit to connect with Home Inverter. In case of a power outage, the food stays healthy and keeps it for a long time.

There are toughened glass shelves that can hold 150kg of food loads and pots. Plus there is a big bottle guard to store your big containers of juices and milk along with two rows of beverage cans.

The Good

  • High-Quality Digital Inverter compressor.
  • It gives maximum cooling retention.
  • Balance moisture in the vegetable box.
  • More durable with less noise.
  • Power cool for instant cooling and Power for instant ice 
  • 5 Conversion modes – Normal, Seasonal, Extra Fridge, Vacation and Home Alone

The Bad

  • The door has only one shelf for big bottles

What’s the bottom line?

Samsung 324 litre 3-Star Refrigerator comes with a stylish design, display, and power-packed features. With various convertible modes and a decent amount of space, this fridge creates a lovely user experience at a budget amount.

3. Whirlpool 292 L 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator (INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 305 3S)

Whirlpool INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 305 3S Price as of 2021-01-28 at 08:57

Whirlpool INTELLIFRESH Specifications
Refrigerator TypeDouble Door
Total Capacity292 L
Freezer Capacity75 L
Compressor TypeIntelliSense Invertor
Energy Efficiency Rating3 Star Rating
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Dimensions67(L) x 57(W) x 172(H) cm
Suitable For3 to 4 members
MaterialStainless Steel

This Whirlpool double door refrigerator comes with Intellifresh technology for smart cooling. You can pack anything from soft drinks to jam bottles to egg racks in the shelves. There are four adjustable dividers within the fridge. Like the Samsung model, it also has five different modes: all-season mode, chef mode, dessert mode, deep freeze and part mode. 

The 6th sense technology makes the Whirlpool refrigerators the smartest one. This improves the cooling as well as faster freezing. Apart from this, its Intellisense inverter feature connects it automatically to the home inverter. Also brings energy consumption down to lower levels during power fluctuations. 

The Micro block technique uses the unique additive antimicrobial that prevents up to 99% growth of bacteria on the fruits and salad. With Moisture Retention Technology, the cold air flow retains the moisture around the compartment for the freshness of the stored items. Besides this, it comes with toughened glass shelves that can carry the utensil’s vast weight and leftover food items.

The Good

  • Zeolite technology ensures up to two weeks of garden freshness.
  • The Inverter compressor comes with a ten year warranty period.
  • For optimal cooling, it uses adaptive intelligence.
  • Low noise and long-lasting performance.

The Bad

  • Customer service from Whirlpool is not so good.

What’s the bottom line?

This Whirlpool Refrigerator comes with advanced and unique features. It focuses on retaining freshness more than anything else. Besides this, you get to enjoy lots of storage space in both freezer and fridge.

4. Haier 256 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HRB-2764CKB-E)

Haier HRB-2764CKB-E Price as of 2021-01-28 at 08:57

Haier HRB-2764CKB-E Specifications
Refrigerator TypeDouble Door
Total Capacity256 L
Freezer Capacity77 L
Compressor TypeTwin Inverter
Cooling Technology360 Degree Cooling
Energy Efficiency Rating3 Star Rating
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Dimensions61.5 (L) x 54.8 (W) x 156 (H) cm
Suitable For4 to 5 members

Haier comes under leading brand lists that is famous for household appliances. This refrigerator has a sleek and aesthetic design with attractive colour that will add a lavish look to your kitchen. It comes with 8-in-1 convertible modes that allow to organize and store food items conveniently. 

The Twin Inverter Technology makes this fridge cost and energy-efficient. Also, there is a twin energy-saving mode that allows for saving more energy. With this model of Haier, you don’t need to bend any more. It gives you the best experience of comfort and convenience with 256-litre storage capacity. The freezer is situated at the bottom that reduces 90% bending job. 

It has toughened glass shelves that can easily hold and withstand heavy pans and pots for lasting freshness. Besides this, there is a bigger vegetable box with a multi airflow that keeps your food fresher for longer. 

The Good

  • 8 convertible modes
  • Twin energy-saving mode 
  • Twin Inverter Compressor with powerful dual fan
  • Anti-fungal gasket ensures food protection
  • Stabilizer free operations

The Bad

  • It makes noise sometimes.

What’s the bottom line?

This Haier refrigerator offers plenty of features and style for the amount spent. It delivers consistent cooling and gives two times more freshness. Overall, this fridge is a best deal that will save your electricity bills too.

5. Godrej 231 L 1 Star Double Door Refrigerator (RF EON 245A 15 HF SI ST)

Godrej RF EON 245A Price as of 2021-01-28 at 08:57

Godrej RF EON 245A Specifications
Refrigerator TypeDouble Door
Total Capacity231 L
Freezer Capacity61 L
Energy Efficiency Rating1 Star Rating
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Dimensions68.5 (L) x 59.7 (W) x 143.7 (H) cm
Suitable For3 to 4 members

This another top-rated fridge from Godrej is well suited for a medium size family. It is a basic refrigerator with less number of smart features. However, it is spacious from inside and offers uniform cooling. It features a Jumbo vegetable tray that can easily accommodate all your veggies and fruits. There is 2.25L Aqua space in the door so that you can store large bottles of soft drinks and water.

The shelves and side chambers are made of toughened glass that can hold weight up to 150 kg. Its Aroma Lock feature prevents odour and slows down decay so that food stays fresh for a long time. Apart from this, it comes with a defrost feature that stops extreme ice build ups inside the freezer section. 

The Good

  • Available at affordable budget.
  • Larger chiller tray.
  • Antibacterial removal Gasket. ​
  • Ensures all-round cooling with built-in air vents.
  • Made in India.

The Bad

  • No temperature control feature.
  • 1-star energy rating.

What’s the bottom line?

This Godrej RF EON 245A 15 HF SI ST refrigerator is a budget-friendly option that suits small to medium size families. All in all, this stylish fridge has a generous amount of space to organize your groceries.

6. LG 679 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator(GC-B247KQDV.ADSQEBN)

LG GC-B247KQDV.ADSQEBN Price as of 2021-01-28 at 09:25

LG GC-B247KQDV.ADSQEBN Specifications
Refrigerator TypeSide-by-Side
Total Capacity679 L
Freezer Capacity263 L
Compressor TypeInverter Linear
Cooling TechnologyMulti Air Flow Cooling
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Dimensions71.7 (L) x 91.2 (W) x 179 (H) cm
Suitable For5 members or more

This LG 679 L french door refrigerator comes with some amazing features that keep vegetable crisper and fresh with Multi Air Flow cooling. The systematically placed cooling vents inside it enhance the cooling performance. There are multi-digital sensors located throughout the refrigerator that sense and respond to warm food and instantly open the doors to maintain optimum temperature. 

Besides delivering excellent performance, it consumes up to 51% less power than a normal inverter compressor. It is compatible with SmartThinQ mobile app that makes it easy to control the fridge from remote locations. Apart from this, its Smart diagnosis feature diagnoses all the issues related to the fridge’s proper functioning. 

Another great innovation is its Moist Balance Crisper arrangement that enables the excess moisture to collect on the lattice pattern cover. It helps to maintain optimum moisture levels inside the refrigerator. 

The Good

  • Better space utilization and organization.
  • Ten years warranty on the compressor.
  • Linear Inverter Compressor for Energy Savings.
  • Suitable for large families with five or more members.
  • Uniform cooling with multiple vents.

The Bad

  • It occupies a lot of space. 

What’s the bottom line?

This LG 679 L Side by Side Refrigerator brings smart and advance features with enormous loading capacity. It is an ultra-stylish, and you can control it with your smartphone.

7. Samsung 212 L 3 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RR22T272YS8/NL)

samsung RR22T272YS8NL Price as of 2021-01-27 at 20:05

Samsung RR22T272YS8/NL Specifications
Refrigerator TypeSingle Door
Total Capacity212 L
Freezer Capacity25 L
Compressor TypeDigital Inverter
Energy Efficiency Rating3 Star Rating
Defrost SystemDirect Cool
Dimensions66.5 (L) x 53.6 (W) x 13153 (H) cm
Suitable For3 to 4 members

This latest model from Samsung comes with a stylish design and power-packed features. Its large freezer sections boast Cool Pack that keeps the food items chilled for up to 12 hours during a power cut. The All-round cooling system cools the fridge from every corner to maintain a constant temperature and food stays fresh. 

This model comes with a Digital inverter compressor that automatically adjusts the speed according to cooling demand. It sports Smart Connect Inverter feature that connects a refrigerator to inverter during power cuts. When it comes to space, this fridge has much space to store your groceries. There is a big bottle guard that can store big containers with cans and bottles. 

If you are a curd lover, then this refrigerator is a perfect choice for you. Its unique Curd Maestro feature helps to regulate the softness of curd. Samsung offers a 1-year warranty on the refrigerator and 10-year warranty on the compressor. 

The Good

  • Toughened glass drawers and shelves.
  • Energy efficient with a 3-star rating.
  • Power freeze and power cool feature.
  • Less noise.

What’s the bottom line?

This Samsung RR22T272YS8/NL stylish refrigerator with digital display is easy to control and comes with unique advanced features. Also, it is energy-efficient and won’t rack up bills.

8. Whirlpool 190 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 CLS 2S)

Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 2S Price as of 2021-01-28 at 09:35

Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 2S Specifications
Refrigerator TypeSingle Door
Total Capacity190 L
Freezer Capacity14.3 L
Compressor TypeSmart Inverter
Cooling TechnologyInsulated Capillary Technology
Energy Efficiency Rating2 Star Rating
Defrost SystemDirect Cool
Dimensions119(L) x 53.50(W) x 61.9(H) cm
Suitable For2 to 3 members or bachelors

Whirlpool is another reputed name when it comes to a refrigerator. The company provides an exciting range of single door refrigerators that comes with amazing features. This refrigerator comes with advanced insulated capillary technology that helps the fridge to retain the cooling for maximum hours, even during power cuts. 

Not only this! It can connect to the home inverter in power cuts, thereby ensuring to maintain long-lasting freshness. It features a built-in stabiliser that can manage voltage fluctuations between 130V and 300V. 

It comes with ample storage space with a jumbo bottle rack. It can accommodate up to three 2L bottles. Besides this, its wired shelves can bear the heavy-weight of vessels. The honeycomb lock-in technology has a unique moisture slider that maintains optimum moisture to keep fruits and veggies in fresh zone.   

The Good

  • Compatible with home inverter.
  • Easy to clean removable airtight gasket.
  • Quick chill zone with easy-slide action.
  • Retains cooling up to 9 hours during power shortage.
  • Best for small families.

The Bad

  • Manual defrosting.

What’s the bottom line?

This Whirlpool Fridge is best for bachelors and small families that require a smaller fridge. Overall, it is a value for money deal.

9. Godrej 190 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RD 1905 PTDI 53 GL BL)

Godrej RD 1905 PTDI 53 GL BL Price as of 2021-01-28 at 09:35

Godrej RD 1905 PTDI 53 GL BL Specifications
Refrigerator TypeSingle Door
Total Capacity190 L
Freezer Capacity18.74 L
Compressor TypeInverter
Energy Efficiency Rating5 Star Rating
Defrost SystemDirect Cool
Dimensions66.7(L) x 57.7(W) x 124.7(H) cm
Suitable For2 to 3 members or bachelors

This direct cool single door refrigerator comes with the advanced inverter compressor that cuts down on your electricity bills too. With this fridge, you will get a jumbo vegetable tray. It offers extra storage space that you always crave. 

It comes with an aqua space of 2.25 litre to store jumbo-sized bottles cans of aerated drinks. There are three toughened glass shelves that can hold weight up to 150 kg. Thus you can store food even in heavy pans. Apart from this, there is a large dry storage drawer at the bottom. It lets you store vegetables that don’t need refrigeration like potatoes, onion and garlic. 

This direct cool single door refrigerator requires a manual defrosting, but you can do this without any hassle. It features Anti Drip Chiller technology that has insulation under the chiller tray. This ensures no water droplet formation.

The Good

  • Nominal electricity consumption.
  • Works on a built-in stabilizer.
  • Solid build quality and best design.
  • Low noise.
  • Large vegetable rack.

The Bad

  • You may face issues with the defrosting.

What’s the bottom line?

This Godrej 190 L refrigerator has good value for the money. It has a 5-star energy rating. Apart from the small kitchen, you can also use it in studio apartments or small offices.

10. LG 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (GL-B201APZY)

LG GL-B201APZY Price as of 2021-01-28 at 09:54

LG GL-B201APZY Specifications
Refrigerator TypeSingle Door
Total Capacity190 L
Freezer Capacity22 L
Compressor TypeSmart Inverter
Energy Efficiency Rating4 Star Rating
Defrost SystemDirect Cool
Dimensions63.30(L) x 53.40(W) x 117(H) cm
Suitable For2 to 3 members or bachelors
MaterialStainless Steel

This LG GL-B201APZY refrigerator offers uniform cooling and has a 4 star energy rating. It helps to save money on your power supply bills. With its in-built stabilizer, it can operate at a voltage range of 90 to 310 volts. Its tempered glass lids can bear the 175 kg load. Thus placing heavy dishes on it is neither an issue.

This Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator is fast in ice making from its peer products. It doesn’t take more than 108 minutes for the procedure of ice formation. Direct Cool technology makes the fridge compatible with the Home inverter. It maintains the freshness level when there is no power. Another best feature, it includes moist n Fresh that balances the moisture inside of it.

Furthermore, the Smart Inverter Compressor delivers unmatched performance. This stylish fridge boasts two bottle racks. Also, it has an icebox, egg tray with proper space. The refrigerator includes the anti-bacterial and air tighten gasket that can easily keep the eatables hygienic and healthy for a more extended period.

The Good

  • Special lattice-pattern box cover to maintain moisture.
  • Fast ice making.
  • Ten years warranty on the Inverter Compressor.
  • Smart Connect technology.
  • Spill-free glass shelves.
  • Smart Inverter Compressor.

The Bad

  • Compressor and other tubes opened at the backside. 

What’s the bottom line?

This LG GL-B201APZY Direct-Cool Refrigerator has a 190-litre storing capacity. Its smart design delivers unbeaten performance at an affordable range.

Summary List of Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India

LG GL-T402JDS3 Double Door360L
Samsung RT34M5538S8/HL Double Door324L
Whirlpool INTELLIFRESH Double Door292L
Haier HRB-2764CKB-E Double Door256L
Godrej RF EON 245A Double Door231L
LG GC-B247KQDV.ADSQEBN Side-by-Side679L
Samsung RR22T272YS8/NL Single Door212L
Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 2S Single Door190L
Godrej RD 1905 PTDI 53 GL BL Single Door190L
LG GL-B201APZY Single Door190L

Types Of Fridge

In the market, different types of refrigerators are available. We have put them together to suit various types of kitchen styles! Before selecting the one, you must check out all types.

Single Door Refrigerators

As the name itself suggests, the refrigerator has only one door for the fridge and freezer. It is a basic style and common in many houses. If your budget is minimal, then a single-door refrigerator is the right choice. It provides high cooling with maximum volume for the storage of food, fruits, and vegetables. Most importantly, These compact refrigerators are suitable for small-sized families. 

It comes in different sizes and capacity, plus at a budget-friendly cost. The single door refrigerator is also known as Direct Cool Refrigerators. 

Double Door Refrigerators

The Double door refrigerator is one of the common types after a single door. There is a fresh food items section under the freezer section that makes it ideal for small kitchens. The freezer section is usually on the top in old models of refrigerators, but the latest models arrive with a bottom mount freezer compartment.

The bottom-mounted refrigerators avoid bending work to take out things. It is usually frost-free; it arrives with special heating functions that don’t let the frost collect. It comes with multiple adjustable drawers and a container to sort your groceries. These refrigerators contain a heating element that prevents frost formation. Thus they are also known as Frost Free Refrigerators.

Furthermore, it comes with a storage capacity range between 300-700 litres that meet a standard nuclear family’s daily needs.

Side by Side Refrigerators

This side-by-side door refrigerator has more space for storing and flexible options than others. Further, it takes up a lot of space in your home. This is usually enormous and comes with a water dispensing unit. It helps to gulp down the cold water without opening the fridge. These refrigerators consume more electricity but give better performance. 

It is also known as a “French door side refrigerator” with a freezer on the left or both sides. Some models have a traditional style on the right side. 

How to Choose the Best Refrigerator in India 2021?

You need to know the features and technologies before jumping into the pool of products—this buying guide helps in picking the refrigerator in India.


The capacity of the fridge is one of the main factors that affect your choice. Depending upon the storage requirements and family size look for the size and capacity of the model that you want to buy. For a family of 3 to 4 members, a fridge with storage range from 200 to 300 L is perfect. 

Suitable ForCapacityDoor Types
1 person50 to 250 LitersSingle door
2 to 3 people250 to 300 LitersSingle door, Double door
4 to 5 people280 to 350 LitersDouble or Three Door
6 or more people565 to 630 LitersFrench or side-by-side


All refrigerators need cold air conditioners like circulation in their cells divided into two types – frost free and direct cool refrigerator. 

Direct Cool Refrigerator: In a Direct cool type refrigerator, the natural air circulation is used throughout the appliances. It produces coolness by using a natural convection method. So, you can’t control the cooling setting distribution inside the refrigerator. In result, it leads to uneven cooling, and in the output, it creates a collection of frost. The freezer has to defrost to avoid the ice growth regularly.

The fridge with this technology comes in a Single Door Refrigerator. They demand less electricity, low maintenance. So, for a small budget and less space, it is the best option.

Frost Free Refrigerator: The frost-free technology works on the law even distribution of chilled air inside the appliance by electric fans. There is no formation of ice. However, it consumes more energy than others but gives extended duration. 

Inverter Technology

This is an essential factor of a refrigerator. Most people suffer from high electricity bills, power failures and load shedding. The refrigerator with inverter compressor technology can be more expensive but saves a lot of electricity bill.

With Inverter Technology, the compressor works on different speed levels. It gives a better result. When the temperature falls under bearing levels, the inverter starts to switch off a compressor on lower capacity. But it provides maximum capacity when cooling is required.

Cool Box

When power cut occurs, the Cold Box is another feature that works well for some time. The modern machines come with the technology of Cool Box. It permits the refrigerators to stay crisp and fresh when light has been gone for long hours. After the power cut of 2-6 hours, it will remain intact with the milk, veggies and fruits. For the area where power cuts are often, they need to get a hold on this method.


The common refrigerant in practice is CFC. It causes damage to the environment as well as some health hazards. It attacks the atmosphere where you placed it. Some of the Refrigerators have environment-friendly coolants. The best alternatives for the coolants are R134a, R600a. They are never toxic to nature but gives long life.

Air conditioners also use the coolants that are green substance never hurt the planet. For the clean air, we can take the Air Purifiers unit that works on the Refrigerants.

Stabilizer Free Operation

The voltages changes are an unknown thing to the households, so you need a Stabilizer. They generally protect against the short circuit and voltage gain or drop. As technology becomes advanced in recent years, now the Refrigerator in India comes with an inbuilt stabilizer. 

These built-in Stabilizers control the voltages variation and a sudden surge of tensions. Without buying the external Stabilizer reduces the cost and increases the energy efficiency of your device.

Conversion Facility

The standard fridge to freezer ratio is around 8:2. With this refrigerator, you can make stocks of vegetables and fruits in the main fridge unit. In this way, the freezer is almost unusable for vegetarians. However, when you lack space in the freezer, then there is a technology that fulfils the demand for space.

With the conversion amenity, you can change your freezer into a fridge that helps you to put regular things. This is the best decision for those people who have space crunch issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to disinfect the fridge?

You can use the spray solution of vinegar and water inside the appliance to sanitize it. You make sure to focus on the shelves, drawers and other removable parts. Leave for a few minutes then wipe out with a clean wet towel.

2. Do Fridges require regular maintenance?

Yes, like the other home appliances, the fridge also requires maintenance at least once in a year. You can ask the manufacturers if it is under warranty or gives some extra tips for the support.

3.Is the moisture present in the vegetable section is normal?

Yes, it is normal and even makes the veggies fresh and healthy. When the water in the vegetables evaporates, it strikes the cold area, in result, you get water droplets. The humid air over the plants swept out by dynamic airflow inside of the fridge and kept the veggies fresh.