Best 24 Inch LED TV In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyers’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy​

1. Sony Bravia 59.9 cm (24 Inches) HD Ready LED TV

Sony Bravia HD Ready
2. Samsung 58 cm (23 Inches) HD Ready LED TV
Samsung 23 HD Ready
3. Sanyo 61 cm (24 Inches) Full HD LED TV
Sanyo HD Ready

There are many types of TVs that you can shop online. LED TV is the first choice for small rooms and personal use. It will replace the old and bulky TVs that you used before. These TVs are totally under the price and have been very famous in middle-class families.

These TVs fit comfortably in the tidy rooms. You will get smarter with this TV as it comes with ports, and allows you to connect it with the Amazon Firestick. All these Best 24 Inch TVs come with the thin bezels and gives a premium look.

We are providing the list of 10 24 Inch LED TV in India We have discussed each product in detail. There is a television buying guide below the section where we are describing each factor that will help to make the wise choice.

Top 10 24 Inch LED TVs In India 2020

 LEDSound OutputRefresh Rate
Sony Bravia HD Ready Sony Bravia KLV-24P413D 20 Watts50 Hertz
Samsung 23 HD Ready Samsung 23H4003 6 Watts60 Hertz
Sanyo HD Ready Sanyo XT-24S7000F 10 Watts60 Hertz
Adsun HD Ready ADSUN 24AEL1 20 Watts60 Hertz
Kodak HD Ready Kodak 24HDX100s 20 Watts60 Hertz
Kevin HD Ready Kevin K24STG 20 Watts60 Hertz
Kevin HD Ready Kevin KN-24832 50 Watts60 Hertz
LG HD Ready LG 24LJ470A 10 Watts50 Hertz
LG HD Ready IPS LG 24LH454A 10 Watts50 Hertz
Shinco HD Ready Shinco SO2A 20 Watts60 Hertz

Which are the 10 Best 24 Inch LED TV In India 2020?

1. Sony Bravia 59.9 cm (24 Inches) HD Ready LED TV

Sony Bravia HD Ready

This best 24 inch TV is known for its picture clarity. It comes with the great resolution where you can see the fine details and the textures, even in the flat image areas. It will boost the on-screen depth without black saturations.

You will get the bright and more sound quality with the 20 Watts speakers. This TV comes with X Protection Pro that will protect against any electrical surges. There is Anti-Humidity coating that will protect you against the high moisture.

This TV supports the Multi-Indian Languages, you can search,  find,  and see the content in any of your state languages. You just have to make a selection in that selected language. It will enable you to play music through the data cable. You will able to play music and video clips, and the photos from USB stick on the screen.

It comes with many entertainment features. This TV supports FM stations where you will great radio. It allows enjoying the crisp and clear blow. You will get 30 FM stations that will be stored, all you just have to recall instantly. The music will appear through powerful speakers.

This TV has an HD ready resolution 1366x768p with a full view angle of 178 degrees. The 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port will be given to connect the external devices. It comes with proper installation, you will easily mount it on the wall. The TV comes with a 1-year warranty and 1-year extra on the panel.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Have Fun the Bravia KLV-24P413D pictures with a more excellent texture and detail. All thanx to the FM Radio + USB Multi-Format Play. The X Protection Pro will safeguard against any dust, surges, and humidity.

2. Samsung 58 cm (23 Inches) HD Ready LED TV

Samsung 23 HD Ready

Samsung is one of the oldest electronics brand that are famous TVs India. This company makes products keeping in mind the Indian middle-class household needs such as mobile and headphones. Its small screen size TV is the best tidy room. The wall mounting is easy. You will experience the quality of an LED TV with this HD resolution LED TV. It offers the affordable price tag, and after knowing its all essential features, you will inevitably replace the bulky CRT TVs. The older generation TV can not merely match the picture of this HD TV.

You will get the rich HD quality with ease. This TV brings vibrant colors for better images. It uses an advanced picture quality improvement algorithm. The full-color enhancer plus improves the photos with the uncovers hidden details.

It comes with the ConnectShare Movie, that will plug the HDD into the TV. You will offered by the movies, photos or music. This TV will allow experiencing a wide variety of content with the comfort of your room. It comes with the HD ready 1366×768 resolution. Also, it offers the 1-year warranty on the TV and the 1-year extra on the panel.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Earn the best quality of Samsung 23H4003 without higher prices. Remove the bulky CRT TVs that can not match the quality of this HD TV. With the available USB ports, watch the favorite movies and the shows on the HD screen.

3. Sanyo 61 cm Full HD LED TV

Sanyo HD Ready

This TV comes with the 1920×1080 full high definition resolution. You will experience the stunning picture quality with sharp images and with vivid colors. Your old TV that takes to much space is of your particular area will be free with this premium finish slim design TV. It will add the style statement to your home entertainment.

With the A+ Panel, enjoy the super and more accurate colours. You will enjoy the delightful and colour reproduction clarity. There is the best loudspeaker that will provide a glossy clear audio experience. You will be able to watch your favorite music videos with the blockbusters. There is an HDMI port that will allow you toview your TV channels and has a gaming console to play on TV.

The USB port will allow connecting with USB pen drives or with the hard drives to enjoy the entertainment with movies, songs, and personal collection. The headphone output comes with the 3.5 mm audio jack, all you have to plugin with TV. It comes with the best motion refresh rate, that will not have any blur in the fast-moving pictures.

All it gives the great viewing angle. You will experience the perfect color with these ideal angles. This TV comes with the 24 quality checks that will ensure that TV is free from the defects and worry about TV failure. All you have to say goodbyes to all such worries. The wall mounting and the installation process is easy.

It comes with the 1 HDMI, 1 VGA that will connect the external hard devices. There are almost 400+ service centers that will provide the TV across the country. Although the installation and wall organizing process is easy.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Indulge in the premium entertainment with this Sanyo XT-24S7000F. Enjoy the stunning picture clarity with this full high definition and bright A+ panel that will bring all on-screen entertainment. Experience the superior speakers to give the crystal clear sound with great bass. Takes your senses to the whole new dimension.

4. ADSUN 60 cm (24 Inches) HD Ready LED

Adsun HD Ready

This TV comes with the HD Ready resolution of(1366x768p)with the handsome views in full HD. All it brings more precise and sharp edge images. The whiter part in the photos appears more white, whereas the black in the pictures appears deeper.

The TV comes with Premium Matt Finish Design. This is almost the most durable TV with an unbeatable price. It is much longer than the average TV. The ADSUN is Best 24-inch TV will be fixed in the rooms, hotels, offices, and shops, etc. It is ideally the prime 24-inch TV with a long-lasting life.

There are almost 1 HDMI and 1 USB to connect with the hard drives. It also has the 1 VGA to connect with the laptops. The brightness is up to 300 Nits+. It consumes less power and support a better contrast ratio.

The TV comes with the inbuilt box speakers. You will be able to enjoy the moment with the enhanced picture with all your favourite games and movies. It gives a realistic experience, with the HRD LED layout that delivers on the crisp clarity and the normal colour.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

This TV comes from the house of ADSUN, a range of durable long-lasting with an affordable price. Their are tested, checked and well-aged in the state of art facility. The much longer than the average TV.

5. Kodak 60 cm (24 Inches) HD Ready LED TV

Kodak HD Ready

This Kodak TVs will bring the shows and the movies to come to life with stunning pictures. It is Pro Smart TV and has the brightness up to 250 NITS. Whatever you will view will be amazing and vibrant as before. It comes with a stylish and sleek design. Your room will be beautiful as never before.

This TV comes with the HDMI features that will help in connecting the smart devices. It allows high-speed communication, and the TV will never hang for a second. The TV brings the sheer clear picture with sharp details as this TV is based on the zero dot. Zero dots will reduce the extra noise. All, you get the best quality time with your family. The TV is based on the zero dot.

It will allow style to your guest room. This TV comes with the 178 degrees wide view angle. This TV will enable you to pair with the home theatre and to the speaker. It is an HD ready LED TV that will double the entertainment also. It gives the best image. This TV comes with the audio out option that will allow connecting with the external devices. It will suit the eyes and give an immense surround system.

This TV comes with a resolution of 1366×768 and with the 1-year warranty. There are enough ports that will allow you to connect with the other devices like 1 HDMI and 2 USBs. This TV has the best audio output as compare to the large screen size — all it gives the theatre like experience at home.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Kodak 24HDX100s will make the whole new level to watch TV with vibrant colors. You will have fun with the immersive audio and video experience. It is what your living room has ever wanted from you.

6. Kevin 61 cm (24 Inches) HD Ready LED TV

Kevin HD Ready

This TV comes with the HRDD high definition and in-built soundbar. It is all about what you dream and what you get. HRDD comes with a remarkable viewing experience that brings the picture quality to the next level. It will optimize with the HRDD expressions.

You will able to your favourite movies, videos, and music on the TV. It will connect your device with the HDMI, LAN, VGA. This allows easy access to multimedia content. The TV comes with already fitted glasses and is a solid machine. It comes with the next generation of home entertainment.

There are vibrant colours and apparent motion rates with better images. This feature allows a toggle between the screen size as per the video. There is an inbuilt soundbar that will care of the crisp and clear play.

You get all this and more with this HD ready. The HRDD technology and the 1366X768 resolution that allows for better clarity. The transparent clear phonic and the HRDD work together. It ensures the white appears the whiter, and the dark seems to be more rooted in the image colour crystal clear.

The best thing about this TV is that it has the 2 HDMI, 2 USB ports and 1 VGA to connect through the external devices. It gives the 178 degrees wide view angle. You can order it from any part of the world.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

This HD ready Kevin K24STG delievers  the best picture quality. The resolution is 1366×768 pixels with eco vision and power audio. The 178 degrees and the HRDD technology offers are the ultimate features that will excel it out from the LED TVs.

7. Kevin 60 cm HD Ready LED TV

Kevin HD Ready

It is the HD Ready TV. This TV is totally made in the product, not a Chinese item. They have proved the 40 years of excellence in the industry. It comes in vibrant colors and with the motion rate. This TV is based on the HRDD technology and 1366 x 768 resolution. All it brings clarity and brightness. The A+ Panel will optimize each scene and the picture to life.

It will allow watching the shows with the cover range of 178 degrees and L-R. This TV allows playing virtual sports in the best music quality and resolution. It will enable connecting the TV to the PC, VR, Xbox to your television and have the seamless fun. This TV brings the right color. It will ensure that the white will appear white, and the dark will appear the deeper. All it makes the picture crystal color.

You will get connected to the ports to spot the seasons and movies in one click. This also has the features to toggle between the different screen sizes. It allows watching the videos with the zoom mode.

You can order this 24 inch TV from any corner of country, and it will deliver in the lightening speed. This TV is highly durable, and all of its products are BIS certificates that will confirm the highest standard. It allows you to connect other device. There is 1 VGA that will connect the laptops. All it comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Get the 24 HD ready Kevin D-LED televisions with the Zero Dot A+ Colour Panel. The prime TV with the resolution of 1366×768 pixels with the eco vision and the powerful audio. Enjoy the inbuilt soundbar, wireless headphone control, and the auto sleep.

8. LG 60 cm (24 Inches) HD Ready LED TV

LG HD Ready

LG is an internationally famous brand for its electronics appliances such as mobile and headphones. All of its TVs are equally popular in the list too. LG comes with the never used Mosquito Away Technology. It will protect your family from mosquito-borne diseases and one of the latest technology used before. This happens due to the ultrasonic sound waves that will drive away from the mosquito from your loved ones. Ther is no harmful chemical used in it and is absolutely safe for health.

It comes with audio out that will give that will smoothly connect the external home theatres or the active speakers. The sound out option is available through the headphone out, RCA analog out, or through the digital optical out. This TV has excellent understanding possibilities that you have never seen before. It supports the many local languages so that you will be to see news, films, cookery shows in that same language.

LG TVs comes with the cricket mode, it has the best cricket viewing experience. It is designed specially keeping in mind the interest of the Indians. There is a customized mode that gives you a thrilling viewing experience with the quality of picture and sound. All you have to on the cricket mode so that you can get the stadium like experience at home.

It comes with the Bollywood-mode, too, where you be given to set the sound setting and set the correct sound EQ. This TV makes you hear the typical masala song fro the Bollywood or from the other genres. You no longer have to choose the hearing mode, the TV will do it for. It is the prime TV where you will listen to the realistic three dimensional aural.

The LG Gold TV comes with the premium gold with the metallic finish that will take the interior decor of your home to the next level. It is also equipped with all-round safety that will protect against the lightening, summer heat, and the humidity. This will work against the stabilizer. The TV comes with in built games that will let you enjoy the entertainment on the big screen. You can access and add games from the LG websites that are free too.

Although this TV has the best resolution 366 x 768p, the HD ready. For the external connectivity, it comes with ports.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

LG 24LJ470A offers you the best viewing experience and the never used mosquito way technology. The Gold TV with premium champagne gold metallic finish will make the interior décor of your home to the next level.

9. LG 60 cm HD Ready IPS LED TV


LG is famous for mobile, headphones and LED TV. This is another super 24-inch TV that will provide the all-rounder picture plus. It comes with the Robust IPS and with the lightning, summer heat, dust protection without the stabilizer. This is of such a sturdy design and are are more resistant to high temperatures.

Even though these TVs are designed and tested thoroughly to operate in normal tropical conditions safely. For the small children, there is a cookie theme puzzle game that shows the direction of the pattern on the right side. You have to make your child match the cookies pieces by following each recipe to make it complete. The second games are the egg catcher game from where you have to collect all the eggs in the basket by pressing the left and the right key without dropping.

All the dropped eggs will be counted on your scores. If the level goes up, the dropping speed will become faster, and the number of the expected eggs will be increased. The third game that is built-in is space wars. This classic space shooting sports are enjoyable to all the age peoples and are easy to play. It will kill all the bugs with the shooting missile within the given time. The magic bugs will disappear, and it will increase the score on the screen.

This TV has state languages in front to search. The LG menus and the content will be displayed in the local words. It comes with the secure PC connectivity, they gives the VGA cable to connect the laptops and screen on the TV. This TV offers a high viewing cricket mode that will allow watching the cricket matches in the stadium like experience at home. With a Bollywood-mode, it comes with an OR smart sound mode. It allows selecting the right side EQ for the Indian movie content. It allows for enjoying the best hearing for your entertainment.

The design of the TV is of slim depth and the narrow bezel. It will eliminate and care the space between the screen and the bezel so that they blend beautifully together. This TV comes with a smart energy-saving feature. The feature includes the backlight control for adjusting the brightness. There is a screen-off feature that will turn the picture off for playing the audio-only. The Standby Mode Zero function will allow the TV to terminate using the zero electricity.

You can simply connect it with hard drives to play the contents on the TV screen. This  Best 24 inch TV comes with the support of Divx HD from where you can enjoy the various types of movie clips from the internet through the HDDivX. There is 1 HDMI cable that enables excellent communications.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

A best child-friendly TV with the 3 built-in games. The full view angle with the cricket mode and with the Bollywood mode is specially designed, keeping in mind the Indian households. Enjoy the ultimate sound with LG 24LH454A.

10. Shinco 60 cm HD Ready LED TV SO2A

Shinco HD Ready

This TV comes with the A+ Panel. It will ensure the uncompromised video details for the pleasing viewing experience. This comes with a built-in soundbar that gives the listener an inspiring theatrical experience with exotic sound bass. You will enjoy the high-quality bass with a fantastic experience.

This TV comes in the step ahead of picture quality. It is the best HD ready Smart LED TV. It totally focused on delivering the picture with the perfect color, and clarity. This TV is supported by the HRDP technology. By this, you will enjoy the clearer and sharper scenes while playing the fast-moving games. It will bring the low input lag and have the best gaming experience.

This HD ready LED TV comes with a perfect white balance, and it will result in a bright display. The TV delivers superb picture and the viewers the ideal viewing experience.

This TV also has the perfection against lightning strikes. There is a high quality short circuit components in the Shinco LED TV that will protect from the lightening and the voltage strikes. It gives the protection from the dust protection covers. There are 30% smaller ventilation slots that are placed on the optimal position at the back of the LED TV. It will reduce the entry of dust particles.

The 16.7 million colours provide the colour spectrum. This will reduce the colourful, more vibrant, and true to life scenes. It also has an energy-saving feature that will help in lower consumption and convey the message of lower power consumption. This TV comes with the message of copy. It helps in sharing pictures, videos, and songs without going to the computer. This will transfer the same in just one click with a remote. It comes with a team of 800+ expert service centres across the country. Shinco comes with Best TVs in India. 

All of its TVs are highly efficient, there will be no worries about any failure and defects. This TV is not just about the wholesome entertainment. Still, also it gives the sound in viewing the documents and the presentation in absolute precision. 

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Shinco TV SO2A comes with the built-in soundbar that gives the awe-inspiring theatrical experience. You will surround the room with the exotic bass. You would not have imagined the possibilities of more vivid and compelling features on the TV. All of its operations are smooth and seamless.

How To choose a 24 inch LED TV?

Whenever you want to shop online, you search in in-depth. Here we are giving you the entire information on choosing the best one. If you are planning to buy a 24-inch TV, then you must know some of some essential factors before buying an TV. All of these factors are important to make a great deal. We are discussing each element in detail.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate refers to the number of times TV refreshes it images per second. The higher the rate is that better the movies, shows and images. Most of the TV comes with the refresh rate of 60, and some of the higher-end models provide with the 120 Hz.


The difference in the resolution of a TV affects the viewing experience. The 1366X768 pixels are of HD quality videos. If you want to buy an LED TV with a resolution of 1920X1080 pixels, then you will experience the full HD.


LED TV connectivity refers to the number of ports it offers. The better the in-built ports, the better the service it offers. The multiple ports allow playing videos and files on the TV. The number of the HDMI ports can be used to connect the TV with the computer, DVDs or audio system.

Sound Output

There should be a fantastic sound output to experience theatre like music at home. The ideal sound that a TV should offer is between 15 to 40 Watts. Below it will be the worst and above it will be better.


It is necessary to set a budget, and if you have already planned a budget. Then this will help you to shortlist the things that should fit your budget. The budget will help choose the desired TV. Most of the LEDs falls in the range of 5,000 to the 20,000


The warranty period is the vital factor that you should know, and it will help if you are looking for those products that come with the warranty period. Many reputed brands take the responsibilities of any damage or defected product. They will seek the losses within the given period and repair them.


Many brands have come up with appliances and LED TVs. You don’t need to consider their product if they are offering at a low price. You should stick to that brand if they have some reputation in the market. It is vital to know all the their privacy, terms and condition. 


Usually, the buyer’s does not consider these features. It is as essential as amongst all. This is the ability of the screen to produce the brightness between the darkest and the brightest points. This makes viewing and picture more perfect.

Users Feedback

The user feedback is an essential step. It should be consider if you are buying the TV online. You should also see the user review section in the below. The customer review will tell you brief outlook of a product. There you will see what the user have to say about the product. 

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of An LED TV?

LED is not a display technology, but it is an upgradation to the LCDs. The only difference is that LCDs used the normal CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light) and replaced them by the (Light Diodes) in LED TVs. It gives the better viewing experience as compared to LCD TVs. Every technology has its pros and cons described below.

Advantages Of An LED Television

  • Picture Quality – The LED pictures comes with far better quality pictures as compared to LCDs. It is much better brighter than LCDs or Plasma TVs. The black will appear more black, and the whites will look more whites. Its brightness improves over the standard TVs and comes dolby digitals.
  • Energy Saver – Besides the presence of photos, there are also energy efficient. They consume less power as compared to the LCDs. It is 50% less than the electricity used by LED TVs.
  • Contrast Ratio – LED TV has the thinner panel and uses less heat, and it leads to brighter display.
  • Durable – The flat LCDs have the lifespan of 30,000 to 60,000 hours on average. The LED comes with 10,000 hours of lifespan.
  • Reliable – LCDs are of CCFL. The CFL can break and can lead to a leak of the electricity. It can lead to shock, and LED can be the all-time safer choice.
  • Environment-Friendly – The LEDs are environment-friendly. It uses mercury during production other than the LCD TVs. LED applies the less amount of carbon dioxide. The energy consumption will be less.

Disadvantages Of An LED Television

Every technology has some positives as well as some negatives terms. Let’s go one by one.

  • Price – LED TV are expensive as compared to LCDs. It is almost twice the cost of the LCD TV. Whereas LCDs or Plasma TVs come with the lower price value.
  • Wall Mounting – The LED needs proper wall mounting and installation. They are sometimes difficult to mount on the wall. It has a dimensional depth as of LCDs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Features That You Look In For In LED TV?

There are many smart features that you should be looking for in an LED TV. Some of them are auto-sleep, dolby digital, a number of the USB and HDMI ports. The sound and the picture quality should be different in modes like cricket, movies or games, etc.

2. How To Choose The Correct Size Of An LED?

LED TV is available in different sizes such as 24, 32,40, 43, 50, 55, 65 inches. All you have to consider the size of the room to put on the TV. The small room size will go for the 24 to 32 inch LED TV.

3. Which Are The Most Popular Brand For The 24 Inch LED TV?

The top brands that manufacture LED TVs are Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. All of them come with smarter features, dolby digital and connectivity that make it perfect choices for the users.

4. What Should Be The Distance While Watching TV?

The distance should be at the position of 4 to 5 Feet. It will be ideally perfect for getting the pleasant view. People that have low eyesight should see the TV from the even from more distant position.

5. What Is Better LCD And LED TV?

LED TV, are better than LCDs. They consume less electricity, the LED are better than the conventional LEDs.

6. What Should Be The Life Span Of LED TV?

The average life span of the LED is 10,000 hours. It also depends on the way it is used. If it is used more than the 15 hours, than it will not stay active more than the longer time.

This TV comes with the HD Ready resolution of(1366x768p)with the handsome views in full HD. All it brings more precise and sharp edge images. The whiter part in the photos appears more white, whereas the black in the pictures appears deeper.

The TV comes with Premium Matt Finish Design. This is almost the most durable TV with an unbeatable price. It is much longer than the average TV. The ADSUN is Best 24-inch TV will be fixed in the rooms, hotels, offices, and shops, etc. It is ideally the prime 24-inch TV with a long-lasting life.

There are almost 1 HDMI and 1 USB to connect with the hard drives. It also has the 1 VGA to connect with the laptops. The brightness is up to 300 Nits+. It consumes less power and support a better contrast ratio.

The TV comes with the inbuilt box speakers. You will be able to enjoy the moment with the enhanced picture with all your favourite games and movies. It gives a realistic experience, with the HRD LED layout that delivers on the crisp clarity and the normal colour.

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