Best 4K TV In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy​
1. OnePlus Q1 Series 4K Certified Android QLED TV
OnePlus 55Q1IN Pro

2. Samsung 138 cm (55 Inches) Super 6 Series 4K UHD LED

Samsung UA55NU6100
3. LG 139 cm (55 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart NanoCell TV
LG NanoCell TV 55SK8500PTA

India has witnessed the boom in smartphones and full HD TVs. Now, it is taking its hands on the 4K TV. There is a spike seen in 4K TV sales from the last couple of years. There were the days when you have to pay a lot of money to buy a simple full HD TV for us.

Now, you can get 4k quality TV at a fair price. Some TV brands do not compromise on the display quality due to its low cost. This TV comes with the 3840 X 2160p that is ahead than the 1080p full HD TV.

If you are planning to buy a 4K TV, then you have come to the right place. We are covering all the 10 Best 4K TV that are present in the Indian market. This TV will not make your pocket heavy. They are designed especially for Indian households.

We are discussing each product in detail. So, you can make the best choice. We are also providing the buying guide so that you can look after all its keen features. Do not forget to read it and is given below.

Top 10 4K TVs in India 2020

 4K TVsSound OutputRefresh Rate
OnePlus 55Q1IN Pro OnePlus 55Q1IN Pro 50 Watts480 Hertz
Samsung UA55NU6100 Samsung UA55NU6100 20 Watts60 Hertz
LG NanoCell TV 55SK8500PTA LG NanoCell TV 55SK8500PTA 40 Watts50 Hertz
Sony KD-43X7500F Sony KD-43X7500F 20 Watts50 Hertz
LG 43UM7290PTF LG 43UM7290PTF 20 Watts50 Hertz
Mi LED TV 4X Mi LED TV 4X 20 Watts60 Hertz
CloudWalker 55SUA7 CloudWalker 55SUA7 20 Watts60 Hertz
Kodak 43UHDXSMART Kodak 43UHDXSMART 20 Watts60 Hertz
TCL 43P8 TCL 43P8 20 Watts60 Hertz
Sanyo XT-65A081U Sanyo XT-65A081U 20 Watts60 Hertz

Which are the 10 Best 4K TV in India 2020?

1. OnePlus 138.8 cm (55 inches) Q1 Series 4K Certified Android QLED TV

OnePlus 55Q1IN Pro

This TV is made with terms of imagination and intelligence. It comes with various smart features. The TV has an amazing resolution including the dynamic and long contrast. It comes with the Dolby vision and 100% 4K TVs. This TV has a fantastic sound with 50 Watts and 8 stereo speakers set up.

It comes with the webOS. Here you will switch between the apps. This is the full Android TV. You can connect it with the smartphone and able to see the free images or videos. The TV has a broader range of colors. It has all the bright colors, such as the blacker blacks and the whiter whites.

The color range is up to the NTSC 120% with laptops like storage device. This 55-inch TV helps in making the visual crisp and clear. There is a Gamma color magic that is used for alluring picture reproduction. The 4K features like Dolby vision bring the extra color and the brightness on the screen. The OnePlus connect app allows you to join the smartphone with the TV. It comes with the 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports. The Wi-Fi is internally linked and comes with the 1-year warranty. The procedure of the mounting and the installation is done by the amazon services.

You can even use phones and laptops over it. It comes with smart volume control that allows you to adjust by yourself. This TV comes with the 8 speakers. 4 of them are the full-range speakers, the 2 tweeters for the high notes, and the 2 are the 10W woofers. It will assure the long and  dynamic sound. The front speakers will provide rich audio experience.

This OnePlus comes with the Android TVs platform. It will bring the new and the most superior TV viewing experience. You can even command the smart home devices and also check the calendar by it. The GooglePlay and Chromecast terms are enabled. This will redefine the Smart TVs as it allows the advanced interactions with the refresh rate. The OxygenPlay is one stop where you can shop for all your content needs. It is value for money.

Its remote has minimal suits of the buttons. You can perform the best of all the actions with one hand or the coffee table.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Bring the next generation of smart home style with OnePlus 55Q1IN Pro. It brings true picture colors. The complete combination of imagination and intelligence. Enjoy the Smart TV view experience.

2. Samsung 138 cm (55 Inches) Super 6 Series 4K UHD Smart LED TV

Samsung UA55NU6100

Samsung is one of the most popular and trusted TV brand in India. Its 4K TV comes under #UnboxSuper6 with the power of 6 unmatched features. You will enjoy the sharp and crisp image with this 4K UHD TV. It has 4x more pixels than FHD TV. You can even see the smallest details.

You can even share the live stream and entertain everyone with the storage device. The broadcast can be done at any place. It has an innovative tune station that will add the visual experience to the playlist. It just turns on the TV with the virtual music system. This TV allows the screen mirroring, you can sync your smartphone and the Smart TV to maximize the entertainment.

This 55-inch TV is perfect for gaming as it has high-quality graphics. It will keep high on the score. You will be able to see the best content on the screen size and will enter the planet of entertainment that you have never seen before. It will turn the TV on the computer. When the work calls, it will turn into a notebook. You can work from the cloud. It will allow mirroring the laptop and remotely access the office computer.

There is just one app that offers remote control and mirrors the screen. You can take the full advantage of the Samsung Cloud. This needs no effort to connect the device to sync the images. It comes with a 4K UHD resolution of 3840×2160 with laptops like a storage device.

This best LED comes with the 2 HDMI port and 1 USB ports to connect the solid devices. It provides the 20 Watts sound output and the LED panel. It provides service support related to installation and for the wall mounting.

This the real 4K real UHD with the slim and the stylish design. The Smart TVs comes with built-in Wi-Fi with free apps. It gives the warranty of 1 year and 1 year extra on the panel.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Experience the rare picture quality created for the viewers in the 4K resolution. Samsung UA55NU6100 is one of the sleek TV with that will enhance the look of the living room. The unbeaten return to the investment.

3. LG 139 cm (55 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart NanoCell TV

LG NanoCell TV 55SK8500PTA

The other 55-inch TV with 4K is from the LG with the Nano Cell display. It will deliver an amazing picture with the RGB color purity. This comes with the smart feature LG Thinq AI that will allow expanding the TV viewing experience with the Buil-in Google Assistant and the Alexa. You can connect your Apple devices to your TV to play videos, music, and pictures directly on the TV. You can access your connected devices from one and can create a daily routine with your remote.

It comes with the magic remote, you will feel the charm with the Bluetooth. You will be able to work in any direction with this remote. The 4K Active HDR will optimize every scene. It offers detail and vibrant color. Enjoy rich music including from all angles. You will be able to enjoy your favorite movies or TVs series on the internet. The sound will be heard in the room, where ever you were sitting.

You can connect the Bluetooth headset or the HTS soundbar. Bluetooth will connect in two ways and will be wireless. The display of the screen size is of nano color and will purify the dull print. You will able to enjoy the nano goodness. This best LED comes with the 4 HDMI ports and the 3 USB ports ready to communicate with the external devices.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

LG NanoCell TV 55SK8500PTA is the most advanced 4K TV. Expand your TV experience with this delightful product. You just ask, and the AI TV will satisfy the interest. Manages the devices on your demand and comes under the best budget.

4. Sony 108 cm (43 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV

Sony KD-43X7500F

Sony Bravia TVs provide the 4K clarity with the 4K HDR. It gives the detail, color, and contrast with the full range of brightness. Every single pixel in this is beautiful that matched the image database. Whatever you will be watching is clear and have the supreme lifelike facet.

It provides a deep sound that will be crisp to high and the low ends. The future box design shows the blast reproduction so that every fact is heard clearly. It comes with clean cable management with no distraction.

You will explore the news with the android and with the Sony Bravia. It will make it easier to spot the movies and apps. You will get Google Play on your Bravia TV with the brand new way. It will allow playing the games once it is downloaded. The voice search will enable you to see whatever you say.

You will spend less on browsing and find content across the sphere. This is one of the TV that is recommended by Netflix. You will get the better experience with compared smart features. The TV remote will allow you to watch the future series directly from one button.

The Bravia is Chromecast built-in. You can cast it from the iOS or from the laptop. Once you throw, you can carry on with whatever you do while the video is playing. Your 43 inches Bravia TV will keep you in the loop of notification. All you have to download notify the Bravia app from Google to your phone. Whenever it is connected to the same network, it will keep you in the loop of call or messages.

The content bar will let you find the movies or shows. You can call up the content bar, it will scan through the live. It comes with a TV box that allows music sharing. You can relish the song from the various devices. IR Blaster control DTH box and Bravia TV with one remote. The X Pro Protection will protect you from the short circuits.

You will adore the smooth and sharp details with the fast-moving motion. It will create the frames between the original ones. This Bravia TV allows you to relish HDR gaming with the PlayStation. The games will appear with the best image quality with the refresh rate.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Discover the world of entertainment with this Sony KD-43X7500F. Interact with this 4K HDR TV with features like built-in Chromecast and Voice research. A world of clarity.

5. LG 108 cm (43 inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV

LG 43UM7290PTF

This TV comes with the 4K Ultra HD resolution 3840×2160. It comes with the 3 HDMI ports to connect with the set-top box and the 2 USB ports for the USB devices. This TV plays a powerful sound with the 20 Watts output. It comes with all the smart features where you can share the video and the photo on the cloud.

The 4K IPS display will allow you to watch the TV from the corner of the room. It provides a wide viewing angle. The processor is speedy and does not heat up after the continuous hours of work. It comes with the DTS virtual X that allows the three dimensional sound with the roomful of speakers. You will enjoy real theme and feel like sitting in the theatre.

The web OS enables you to upload content from the internet. You can easily download the content on the big screen. There is a 4K upscaler that will update the system. You have not to worry about the updation. It comes with the ready 1-year warranty and the 1 year extra for the panel. You can even request for the installation.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

The New LG 43UM7290 4K is loaded with amazing features through the active 4K HDR. A lightweight and slim design model. Brings the new addition to your home beauty.

6. Mi LED TV 4X 125.7 cm (50) 4K Ultra HD Android TV


Mi has already set a mark in the smartphone industry. Now, its working towards raising its TV series. The thing that attracts people to Mi products is its cheap prices. It is a famous brand in India and is the ultra 4K HDR Smart TV. It provides the 10-bit panel and provides the 1.07 billion tints. The vivid pictures deliver vibrant texture.

It has the best sound with the Dolby and DTS-HD. This TV is designed for the Audiophile that will complete the experience. You will enjoy easy access from all the apps on a single screen. This is design for easy viewing and is the best platform for Netflix and Prime Video. It provides a new series and the 700+000 hrs of the content. You can watch the best of classic movies and melody.

The patch wall allows the content from all the apps on the single screen. It is designed for easy viewing, and you can control the home devices with it. It provides the 3 HDMI, 2 USB, and SPDIF. The TV has the allrounder plugins with multiple ports.

Mi TV comes with the light theme that makes every poster more lively than ever. With the carousel, you can find the latest and the trending content across the list. It makes you watch live news with a click of a button. This is based on the latest Android 9.0. You will be able to download the games and the apps from the play store. You can access the Chromecast directly from the phone.

You can watch close up to 3X with the same phones and laptops inputs. It is the data saver and the counter that will notify on the usage. You can cast the MiTV using the figures. With the Google Assistant, you can get free access.

The smart remote is simple to use with the few buttons. It has dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 with low energy. You can easily port your files and comes with the one year warranty and one year extra on the panel. The prime TV with the resolution of 3840×2160 with 4K ultra HD.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Just see the sharper and bright image with the top range of picture quality. Enjoy the cinematic view with Dolby, and the DTS HD with this Mi LED TV 4X. One of the affordable and trusted brands available in India.

7. CloudWalker 140 cm (55 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

CloudWalker 55SUA7

It has the ultra HD Smart LED and comes with the #DotAll. It allows you to shift between different modes, from entertainment to computer mode. This TV has the excellent display where you can play your media and the content. It has all the compared smart features of a tablet. You join your TV with the HD drives, pen drives, cable, gaming console, etc.

This allows the TV to change into the computer. All you have to do is to download the official app from the android app store. You can use it the wireless keyboard or with a mouse. It will work the same as a PC, and you can use Word, PowerPoint, Excel. This 55 inches TV is can be used for shop online with money, surf the web, school projects, etc. You can also make a video call with the webcam.

You can child change the TV screen into the child safe product. They will not get in touch with unsafe content. With the one push of remote, you can turn the child safe mode with child lock. You can leave the only with the password. Your children will see the best cartoons, DIY education, and learning.

With this one TV, you can get thousands of hours for the global play with the refresh rate. You can choose for the trending shows, regional series, etc. It has the CDE that provides you to surf fresh every day. Whatever you want, you will be in front of you with the smart search.

You can share your phone images on the screen size with AirPlay. The CShare phones app will connect your phone, where you will appreciate the famous OTT. There are list of live apps, health, divine channels that you can watch.

There is a movie box from where you can see 10,000 movies, short films, etc. You can see the globe of cinema. The live stream for news and official android apps on the home screen without any charges.

It comes with 4K UHD and HDR 10. Your eyes will never get hurt even if you are spending hours on the 55-inch TV. The smallest part with the whites and blacks. It provides the right sharpness to videos with 60 frames per second. The small screen size will update itself. It has OTA that fixes or improves each day. You can have a user profile where you can catch your favorite channels. It comes with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

CloudWalker is the latest innovation and upgrades the home entertainment with a lot more. Get 7 in one benefit with the #DotAll. One of the prime 4K LED Smart Screen TV.

8. Kodak 108cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart IPS LED TV


With this TV you can wallow in all forms of entertainment like gaming, etc. You can use list of  apps like Netflix, Youtube, and Hotstar, etc. It comes with A+ Grade Panel that provides vivid pictures. You will get 10 million hours of content in the 10+ languages. The view angle will allow you to view your TV shows from any corner of the room. It comes with the 178 degrees.

You can join with outer devices. It has all the compared Smart features like Miracast. This allows you to watch the globe over the internet. You can link with your loved ones all through the 4K TVs. This TV has the worth of money picture that provides balances all the levels of contrast. The 43 inches TV allows you the image in depth.

It has high defination HDR that combines the shades. With the cortex dual-core processor, you can run the system at a fast speed. The 20 Watt immersive sound makes sure that you hear exact in the 20W.

It is built with 8GB ROM and 1GB RAM that will provide the best performance. You will enjoy the darkest scenes darker as it has the brightness close up to 550 NITS.

This TV comes with a 1-year warranty. It provides 3 HDMI and 2 USB port and is in black color. It will allow you to unite with your smartphone and tablet with ease.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Experience the vibrant colors with the Kodak 43UHDXSMART  Ultra HD. Enjoy the pleasing design and use the TV for all the forms of entertainment.

9. TCL 108 cm (43 inches) LED Smart TV

TCL 43P8

TCL TVs AI comes with voice interaction. You can access all your favorite channels by merely speaking on the microphone. It allows you to connect and control the compatible devices of your house. You can even ask the question and organize the calendar. This allows planning your travel with the whole new level of Smart LED TVs.

The picture engine will see each content with AI. It increases the brightness of the picture. All you get is the more detail and the real image. It will balance the dark and light shades. You will get the HDR content vis all the sources. The smart features like micro dimming will analyze the picture in the 1296 zones. HLG offers to reach the performance of the HDR levels with the refresh rate. It comes with the choice of HDR format to cast the media.

Android TVs gives access to entertainment. The game console will allow playing high-end games, movies, or TV shows. There are several songs that you should enjoy with your family. You can even search the games, apps, and content. This is possible due to the Android 9.

It has the OTT partners that give access to 950,000 + content. This ranges mainly from ErosNow, ZEE5, Hotstar, Voot, etc. This TV comes with the resolution of 3860 x 2160. The 2 HDMI and 1 USB ports to content the devices. It comes with the 18 months warranty. The installation and the mounting is being done by the Amazon service.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

The best TV powered by TCL AI  technology. A range of cutting edge functions with Smart design. The perfect addition to the home beauty. Just one click and interact with the globe.

10. Sanyo 165 cm (65 Inches) 4K UHD Smart Certified Android IPS LED TV

Sanyo XT-65A081U

Sanyo is comes with the resolution of 3840×2160. This 65-inch TV provides the voice search with the mic button. You have to just speak into it. It will flash, and you will get the large content with the blink of an eye.

All of its TVs comes to the official Google, and this one comes Oreo 8.0. You will feel working with the original android. It has thousands of apps with the official android play store. The painful process of typing and searching is is no more. You can cast sports, from Android iOS, Mac, Windows, etc.

The LED produces best clear picture clarity. The Dolby digital gives the HD immersive sound. You will feel like sitting in the theatre. With the HDMI blow out, you can even relate your music system, and it will confine the room.

It is slim and brushed with the thin bezel. This 65-inch TV will fit into the interior of the house and will be the show stopper of your home. It is built with the 3 HDMI ports, so you can switch between the cables. You can join your USB pen drives and HD drives even at the same times. You can use it on the home screen. Even with Google gaming, you can enjoy the action-packed games with close 3D graphics. This allows playing online or offline, single or multi-players. It is a new way of playing on TV.

You can groove into the music, watch, download popular TV shows. It has 300+ expert service centers. Every TV comes with a wall mount. They provide the service related to installation.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Sanyo XT-65A081U. Create the matchless personalized content and switch the whole new entertainment. All you will get right on your fingertips.

How To Choose the Best 4K TV in India?

There are various types of Smart LED TVs in the India. Some of them LED, OLED, HDR, and 4K. So, if you are having a hard times choosing the TV, then there are some key factors that you should look into. It will help you to make a choice. The hub of TVs is changing day by day.

Difference Between LCD, LED, QLED, OLED, HDR, And 4K.

One of the most essential things on television is the display screen. There is a lot of difference among the screen, its size, resolution that should be considered. They are based on the technologies that is being used in them. It always sounds confusing.


We always get confused on the LCD or LED TV. There is a silent difference between them. Both displays are made of the Liquid Crystal Display. But there is a gap between both the source of light. The light in the LCD’s is due to the CF bulbs. Generally, it takes a little bit more space, whereas the LED’s are made of Light-emitting diode. This technology is not only slimmer but also takes less space. The LEDs have more efficient energy than the backlight of the CFL bulbs.


Quantum Dot. This television produces a coloured light. It will improve the life colors and the brightness of the television. They deliver excellent performance and only a bit lower than the OLED Smart TVs. Samsung and the VU use the dot model.


There are two types of excellent HDR technology. One is HDR10, and one is a Dolby vision. The Dolby vision is in the physical chip. You can not add using a software update. 4K Television is more compatible with both of technologies.


4K TV is the number one version of the TV. This TV uses the screen resolution of 3840X2160 pixels. It uses an additional 8 million pixels resolution. The picture that comes out is more shaper than regular television.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the most important aspect of television. The Smart TV uses the android features. You can quickly transfer and upload the videos and the images on the screen. It will tell you the number of seconds your television will take to switch between the pictures. The best TV comes with the refresh rate of 50 to 60 Hz. Some new models support the High Rate Frame. All the content on the screen will be way higher than the 60 Hz.

Smart or Non-Smart TV

Smart TVs has internet built-in, and Non-Smart TVs doesn’t support internet access. With a Smart TV, you can connect your TV with a smartphone. You can display the phone images and videos on the excellent bigger screen. Smart TVs will offer you some features. You can watch Youtube, Netflix, Amazon series and including games like a PlayStation on this TV.

Flat or Curved TV

Flat TVs are in demand these days. As they provide a full view angle. The Curved TVs was in order a few years ago as it was of a different style. But it lacks on giving the broader picture.

Sound Quality

The sound quality matters a lot on a TV. Some of the companies offer 6 to 8 speakers with their Smart TVs. But it depends on company to company. The thing that you should consider before a pick is how many Watts of the sound it should deliver. Usually, on 4K TVs, the volume ranges from 16 to 30 Watts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is A 4K TV?

4K TVs come with a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels. All the TV will not offer a 4K screen. HD TV will offer 1080 pixels. It provides only 2 million pixels, whereas the 4K is 8 times more than that.

2. Why Do Shift To 4K TV?

There are many reasons that you should shift to a 4K TV.

  • It brings the chief of the present cast content.
  • There is an availability of good 4k pixel content.
  • Gamers will have the great experience with value of money.
  • There is an HDR that will take your picture to the other level.
    It produces natural life colours.
  • Get a full view by sitting at any corner of the room.

3. Is There Are Better Options Than The 4K TV?

You will get many varieties of televisions in the market. People have already shifted from the small screen to LCD or LED. 4K TV is the ideal TV for the present days.

You will connect on the large picture. It will offer you the greatest smart feature. Undoubtedly, the 4K is at the top of all.

4. What Is The Difference Between 4K And UHD TV?

You can not see as much difference if you are not fully aware of it. The 4K comes with the resolution categories of 4096 X 2160 pixels. This version is appropriate for the cinema. But for the TV viewers, 3840 X 2160 pixels and is known for the Ultra HD. For the professionals, the 4K is just the synonyms of the UHD.

5. Is 4K Better Than Full HD?

4K is also known as Ultra HD. Its resolution is far better than the 1080p. This resolution offers more clarity, and the UHD brings lifelike colours. The 4K is better than any of the HD.

6. What Are The Benefits Of 4K TV?

The are the various benefits of 4K TV. But one of the surpassing advantages of it is that it improves the picture quality. It delivers the leading conversion and the sharper picture. The second benefit of 4K is that it requires smaller pixels. You can fit the much larger screen into the small room.

7. How To Find The Content In The 4K TV?

4K TV provides HDMI and USB ports that will allow linking the external devices. You can pick the content through streaming, downloads, cable, and through satellite. 4K TV is the ultimate TV. It has all the content searching built-in. You can get list of millions of music and the movies according to your mood with this TV.

8. Should We Play Games With TV ?

The answer is sure, yes. Nowadays, videos are bit designed in 4K transitions. Most known console for games are PS4 PRO and XBOX One supports 4K gaming.

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