Best LED TV In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy​

1. LG 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart NanoCell TV

LG 55 inches

2. OnePlus 55 inch Q1 Series 4K Certified Android QLED TV

OnePlus 55 inches

3. Sony Bravia 55 inch 4K UHD LED TV

Sony Bravia 55 Inch

Today’s Smart TVs have a lot of exciting options to create the best actions. It doesn’t limit to shows or movies; you can use it in your projects. Use it via smartphones, access the study right on the big LED screen. Besides, it doesn’t occupy a large space; you have the option to mount on the wall.

But from the pool of advanced products, it is a tough job to get the best appliance. We provide you with a full report about the latest 10 Best LED TV in India. Along with this, we cover the essential factor that necessary for the TV. These buying guide clear all of the facts and system that requires your Idiot box. So, let’s explore the thing in deep that stuff will help you in choosing the excellent LED Smart TVs.

Top 10 LED Tvs in India

 LED TVSound OutputRefresh Rate
LG 55SM9000PTA LG 55SM9000PTA 40 Watts100 Hertz
OnePlus 55Q1IN-1 OnePlus 55Q1IN-1 50 Watts480 Hertz
Sony Bravia KD-55X9500G Sony Bravia KD-55X9500G 20 Watts50 Hertz
Sony Bravia KD-55A8G Sony Bravia KD-55A8G 40 Watts50 Hertz
TCL AI 4K UHD 55P8 TCL AI 4K UHD 55P8 20 Watts60 Hertz
TCL Android 65P8 TCL Android 65P8 20 Watts60 Hertz
Vu 43GA Vu 43GA 24 Watts60 Hertz
Kevin K32CV338H Kevin K32CV338H 20 Watts60 Hertz
Sony Bravia KD-55X8000G Sony Bravia KD-55X8000G 20 Watts50 Hertz
LG 55SM8100PTA LG 55SM8100PTA 20 Watts50 Hertz

Which are the 10 Best LED TV in India 2020?

1. LG 139-cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart NanoCell TV 55SM9000PTA

LG 55 inches

LG is a well known brand in its rival fields that offers an amazing service. This model of LG experience OED likes picture quality. Enjoy its colour from any side of the room where this appliance is installed. As it has Nanocall technology that maintains the right level of brightness. This method has enhanced RGB colours purity with great image display. It allows everyone to relish the action of realistic pictures. With the narrow bezel, it harmonizes the content to space.

For driving the whole process, this system uses the deep algorithm on upgraded Smart workstation of 2nd gen α7. The machine learning application fixes inside of the TVs that presents the detail image with custom sound. It comes up with the 4 HDMI ports to connect the set-top box, Blue Ray player, gaming console. Further, it has USB ports that use for the USB and hard drives.

You don’t need to put physical effort for running the different program. Use its Google assistant and built-in Alexa, for switching the function. There is no external device requires for assigning the work. For ios devices, it works on the Apple Airplay 2 that makes the link between Apple gadgets and your Television to play images, videos to the TV.

The use of the Home Dashboard is that you can create the regular routine task to your connected home appliances. Apart from these things, the next is the 4K Cinema HDR captures to the film maker’s vision by supporting most of the High Dynamic Range content. It gives an immersive view of home cinematic images with HDR format including the Advanced Technicolour and the HDR10 Pro. The refresh rate of the display screen is 100 Hertz that presents a constant flow.

Adding to this, the Dolby Vision & Atmos transform your home into an entertainment powerhouse. It enables you to watch the movies, videos and web series from the Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime with Web Operating System. It furnishes it with Gallary mode that presents the world-famous travel attraction updates as per the seasons.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

LG 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV fixed with fantastic features that make the video and images on the screen with immense clarity.

2. OnePlus 138.8-cm (55 inches) Q1 Series 4K QLED TV 55Q1IN-1

OnePlus 55 inches

Oneplus offers good crystal clear and high-quality Surround Sound. The Q1 series delivers a high degree of contrast of colour. Besides, it has a lot of technical features. The Operating System uses in this Pro model is Android. You can install it on the wall. Its maximum operating distance is 15 feet.

It operated on the 4X Cortex A53 processor with Mali G51 GPU. This coprocessor is responsible for 4K quality images and videos. It brings you to the latest and advances viewing experience. With the easier remote control manage the duties of the TV. This Remote comes with a minimal number of buttons. Its OnePlus Connect App service allows you to connect the smartphone to your TV. In this way, it enables more interactive viewing experiences.

The Product comes with many ports that include the HDMI and USB ports for external interfaces. Google Play store and Builtin Chromecast enable on it for accessing from your smartphones. In OnePus model, the company introduced the new feature that is Oxygen Play. Here, you can access huge content from different applications.

You can command the Intelligent Home Devices with the help of Google Assitance. It works on AI applications. Moreover, this TV provides all feature. It is the next level generation of smart home lifestyle. You can communicate with your Television and check the calendar or any other task. The company gives a one-year warranty on the Product.

Dolby Atmos offers the detail, clarity can place its sound element in its unique spectrum. It delivers 50 Watt sound output to fill the space around with wholesome the new audio experience. In terms of display, it presents a higher colour range of NTSC 120%. So, the visuals are always crisp and saturated. It includes the USB port type-C to connect the hard drives or other pen drives.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

OnePlus 55-inch Smart LED TV has a balanced screen resolution and size. Its audio outcome is on another level due to its 8 set-up speakers.

3. Sony Bravia 138.8-cm (55 inches) 4K UHD LED TV KD-55X9500G

Sony Bravia 55 Inch

The 4K Ultra HD display screen has a 3840×2160 resolution with a refresh rate of 50 Hz. For the hardware interfacing, it has 4 HDMI jacks for a gaming console, set-up box and Blue Ray player. Moreover, the display has furnishes with X Reality Pro that discover the thrilling world with extraordinary clarity. Each sole pixel enhanced by powerful 4K picture processing technology. It matches and analyzes with special image databases that independent addresses texture, contrast, colour and edges. The variety is clear with supremely lifelike detail what you are watching.

X Motion Clarity technology keeps fast action smooth, bright and clear. The running images controlled by minimum blur. In the case of a high-speed scene, pictures stay true or real without loss of brightness. Due to the Triluminos display, it can choose the selective colour from a gamut. The developed backlight avoid the overlap and unsaturation so that you enjoy vivid, authentic images that evoke the emotion in every scene.

X-tended dynamic range PRO reveals the reality with unique backlighting algorithms. These set of rules produces a wider brightness range than the old LED TV. Indeed, it gives the most dazzling and deep blacks to the backlight of the screen.

Sony LED Television is a perfect partner for Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 PRO consoles. It immerses you in fun-filled, responsive gaming with vivid colours and texture. So, you can see your favourite games with high image quality. Its Audio-video performance has proper sync between each other. Due to Multi acoustic System that ads the two position in the rear of the Television to the Bass Speaker System.

The smart features it includes are built-in WiFi and Android OS. You don’t need to spend time browsing, or typing enjoy that period by watching the graphic content. It would never create a mess due to the availability of the supplied cable holder. Hence, it makes the cable clean and tidy. You can watch the scene from any side and clean minimal design. It stretches your focus on the important target so that you can’t miss any crucial view.

The Good

What’s the bottom line?

Sony Bravia 55 inch LED TV unlocks the world colour. It delivers all range of colour with proper contrast and texture.

4. Sony Bravia 138-cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart OLED TV KD-55A8G

Sony Android 55 Inches

This Japanese company doesn’t believe in compromising any aspect while building the TV. It could be costly, but its long term investment for the buyer. Sony arrives with more than 8 million self- illuminating pixels ensures the highest quality of contrast and colour. Further, it has a combination of 4K UHD and HDR, so the device can reproduce the lifelike images. It enables you to appreciate the minute’s details.

The 4K HDR Processor X1 is extreme technology that improves the regular picture to HDR efficiency. It’s 4K X Reality Pro delivers picture that has never been done before. In this process, it can upscale the content to bring it close to 4K HDR. Triluminos Display brings out extra colour orders to produce extra brilliant images.

Clear Audio+ makes your listening experience a lifelike in the case of viewing. Sony’s Audio set comes with best Acoustic Output. This Television unit display pictures and sound in perfect harmony with the support of 40 Watt In-built Speaker. Its Acoustic surface Audio Technology produces high efficiency of bass. Therefore it has complete sync between image and voice outputs.

The popular streaming services have dedicated buttons on the remote, you just need to press the button for running the applications. It gives the instant opening option. Apart from this, it has 7 options for the hardware interface that is 4 HDMI slots and 3 USB ports.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Sony Bravia 55-inch TV KD-55A8G model is one of the premium LED TV. Its hallmark reveals the higher quality of clarity of the image.

5. TCL 138.78-cm (55 inches) AI 4K UHD Smart LED TV 55P8

TCL 55 inches

TCL TV has a fantastic series with good quality of picture with deep black level. It operates on the latest version of Android Pie 9, the P8 offers a new world of movies, shows, and games from GooglePlay, Youtube and other apps. This Product has 4K ultra HD pixel density with 60 Hz refresh rate. It covers the wide-area for viewing and supports 178 degrees of viewing angle.

Micro Dimming makes the backlight effects impressive. This factor analyzes the pictures from various zones then adjust brightness and darkness separately. So, the contrast and vivid color of  picture make sure the lifelike viewing action. Including, HDR 10 creates the shinning images with proper detail of light and dark shades. This will let you view all HDR data from all sources. With HLG you can use the format of broadcast media.

It arrives with 3 HDMI slots for connection with the set-up box and Blue Ray player. To connect with hard and USB drives, this TV has 2 USB ports. In terms of smart features, this TV has AI Google Voice  Assistant, Google Cast, T-Cast. Further, it is powered by Android 9.0 OS. With its AI sounds engine changes and adjust the volume, improves the noise of signals and speakers. Overall, it provides the authentic listening action at each set of volume.

TCL collaborates with exclusive OTT partner that gives you quick and seamless access to 95000+ source provision. With this Android TV, you can have instant access to the world of Google. Enjoy with your family by watching the shows, movies, cartoons and sports on Google Play Movies & TV.

TCL AI TVs connect with Expert home gadgets such as curtains, lights, sweeping robots. So, you can easily experience the relaxed life by controlling the Smart house products from this device. With Voice AI Interaction commands and access all the favourite series. For this feature, the Remote has a microphone, and you need just need to speak for your task. Even you don’t need to move your fingers. This thing is a whole new level of smart integration.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

TCL 55 inches LED Smart TV gives you cutting edge smart functions with the range of certified home entertainment options.

6. TCL 163.96-cm (65 inches) AI 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV 65P8

TCL 65 Inches

TCL offers affordable TV with a lot of features. This model runs on the Android that let you access to the GooglePlay to download from famous streaming services. AI picture engine recognizes each scene through the AI algorithm. It improves the contrast, saturation and brightness by presenting more vivid, realistic viewing experiences. It uses the different method for the work of running video all are based on AI technique.

The display type of this Product has A+ grade panel with featuring of UHD and HDR 10. Furthermore, the Micro Dimming embraces the backlight effects by changing the brightness and darkness as per the photo quality. The HDR features allow HDR format for accessing with standard detail and clarity.

The slim and elegant design fixes on the wall that garnishes the look of the interior. It gives the eye-grabbing appearance. You can find the Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI and USB ports on it. So, these factors allow accessing different applications. The resolution gives this unit is 3840×2160 pixels and known as Quad HD. It provides the 4K ultra HD view.

In-built Chromecast permit for mirroring from your phone, you can watch your mobile phone files, documents on the vast screen with greater details. The powerful hardware, the action offered by this unit is quite smooth. Watch your content without any issues with the aid of smart features. Another important thing in these Smart TVs, it has the option for T-Cast so that you can control the TV from phone or see your smartphone on the large screen.

With exclusive OTT options, you have the choice to access the numerous streaming sites. The sports performance give lifelike action from the stadium. So that you never miss the single chance of the game. It provides the ultimate content to watch from the range of sources like ErosNow, Zee5, Hotstar, Voot, Jio Cinema, Hungama Play, ALT Balaji.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

TCL 65 inches AI 4K UHD Android TV have a balance between the budget and panel. Its screen is large and various useful software features.

7. Vu 108-cm (43 inches) Full HD LED UltraAndroid TV 43GA

Vu 43 Inches

Vu television is not an unfamiliar word, as it is a leading brand. This Vu product uses the 64 bit four-core CPU and 1 GB RAM for the smooth operation. The new generation processor and potent GPU enjoy the seamless functions and streaming your favourite contents. Its 8 GB storage allows us to download and store the numerous movies from Play Store, Youtube.

It furnishes with MPEG Noise Reduction System that adjusts the dark and light as per the running scene. It offers a clear transition of the edges by blocking the noise. You get improved clear picture by the reduction of noise. Indeed, it lets you see every detail with intense contrast.

In terms of sound actions, the Dolby multi Stream Coder brings the single package solution for decoding the worldwide audio content. It supports the Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus formats. With the DTS Studio audio, it delivers an immersive output by boosting the frequency range of human voice. So, the content is heard and clearly understood above audio.

The refresh rate and the calibrated resolution is perfect for the gaming and computer mode. You see every detail in optimized brightness in the long time run without hurting the eyes. Using its Inbuilt Chrome Cast, you can cast the movies, shows, photos from your Android and Window Devices. Another thing is to consider the Bluetooth with the 5.0 version. You can connect external headphones, gaming joystick or other Bluetooth based devices.

It has ARC and SPDIF port to connect the external sound system. With USB port and HDMI, stream any content on the giant screen. It aids to connect with dish box. The material uses for the formation of this model has steady range. Black Matte embrace the elegance of room with fascinating lifestyle.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, YouTube Google Play, and Premium Licensed Apps on Remote OTT hotkeys. These allowed applications like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Hotstar, and Google Play on remote that creates a more engaging and effortless opportunity for users to use videos and apps in the fastest way. With the touch of a button, you can instantly access your favourite apps.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Along with a pack of punch features, the Vu 42-inch Full HD LED TV comes at an affordable price range.

8. Kevin 80-cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV K32CV338H

Kevin 32 Inches

Kevin has been one of the developing in making LED televisions. It always offers the HD quality of an image that can’t be ignored. The Cinewall has its own world of home home leisure with the availability of 15,00,000+ hours of content. Across these services, you can watch movies, trailers, videos, TV shows, cookery shows that it is a never-ending list. This Cinewall is the perfect quest for the best content.

With Routine OTA updates, it is designed to update itself with regular firmware updates. This factor maintains the freshness level of the TVs that enhances performance. The advance HRDD technology with a remarkable viewing experience bringing the picture quality to life. It optimizes every scene for a splendid HRDD expression.

OTT takes care of updating the news apps when required. You need not subscribe for any of these news apps, and they are forever free. It’s output Discovery Engine that represents the content that you type in the title search bar. This will find your desire from the pool of content. You have the access on this device to search the trending curated video from the web.

The screen is mirroring offer you to cast your smartphones on the big screen. You can learn from the new real-life experience. With Android Oreo OS, it offers the best entertainment from all over the world. The super-smooth Quad Core processor makes your multitask very easy. It integrated with 1 GB ROM and 8 GB RAM, so you never suffer from lack of space. You get the leading performance from this budget-friendly unit.

The certified apps provide you with all of their contents from official Cloud TVs that apps include in this Kevin Smart apps. Using the new Web touch Remote, you can swipe the screen at the flick of your fingers. The shortcut keys will bring the best of entertainment from the best of apps.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Kevin 32 inches LED TV comes in a reasonable price with an exciting feature.

9. Sony Bravia 138.8-cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV KD-55X8000G

Sony UHD 55 Inches

On this 4K Android Television, featuring a 4K HDR processor X1 that pairs with the clarity of brightness and produce fine visuals of running. The High Dynamic Range delivers a wider range of light than the other formats. Results of the Televisions create similar to real-life views with the highlights of brilliant fine details.

You can discover the thrilling world with extraordinary clarity in the assistance of 4K X Reality Pro. It focuses on every single pixel by enhancing them; it gives beautiful visions. So, this is the powerful 4K picture processing technology. This method work on each part of the scene to matched and analyzed the special image database. In this database, it addresses the colour, contrast, texture and edges.

It enables us to hear more from compact Speaker box that has intense and focused result. Its separate box design makes sure the high efficient Sound so that every detail heard clearly. The Bass Reflex Speaker adjust the volume crisp from high to low extent as per the running task.

With the creative technology, it adds the extra frames between the original ones. So, you can enjoy the smooth and sharp details of the fastmoving scene with Motionflow XR. It’s X Protection Pro involves two thing against the electrical surges and short circuit due to the moisture. For the unstable power, it has a Capacitor, and for the prevention of short circuit, the circuit board is coated with anti-humidity.

IR Blaster, allows you to manage the DTH box and Television from a single remote. You can use a simple Sony Remote for the whole exploring content. Moreover, the Media format are DVD, MPEG, WAV, WMA, AVI. It has hardware interfaces such as USB and HDMI slots. Its thin bezel makes the look of the display is giant without edges. The whole unit garnishes the look of the room with its aesthetic look.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Sony Bravia 55 inch ultra Smart TV driven by Android. You can install and download the different applications on this device.

10. LG 139-cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart NanoCell TV 55SM8100PTA

LG Ultra HD 55 Inches

It brings the supports to stream all the popular services. 4K Active HDR optimizes every and single scene. Hence it delivers the delicate detail with rich colour. You can feel the magic with its Bluetooth based LG Magic remote that can work from any direction. Thee is no need the proper position requires. Connect the Bluetooth Headsets or HTS Bar with your TV through the 2 Way Bluetooth.

It always produces the best acoustic experience, it wouldn’t matter for the area and space of the room. In terms of audio, it furnishes with built-in speakers that deliver an output of audio from all angles. So, enjoy the flawless audio.

You the seamless output from the dish or set-top box by putting cables into the HDMI interfaces as it has 4 HDMI slots. Further, connect your gaming console on the HDMI port. Adding to this, you wouldn’t need to take out the cables often due to the number of HDMI slot.

The Nano cell technology based LG TVs have nano colour, nano bezel and extensive viewing angle. The thinner bezel provides a realistic lifelike vision. Besides, the IPS display protects your eyes from the vast brightness. This thing regulates the intensity of light. Its Aspect ratio of the image is 16:9 that releases better visual flow. To conclude, the LG AI TV satisfies all of your interests by recommending offers as per your taste.

Due to the Web OS, you can relish the favourite shows and series from the famous Netflix, Amazon Prime and many others. Web OS is a lightweight, slick OS that runs flawlessly and performs well on low-speed devices. By using Apple Airplay 2, connects your apple devices to the TVs to play music, photos and videos on the TV screen.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

LG 55 inches UHD Smart TV delivers the super standard  images. It gives the enhanced RGB colour purity.

How To Choose the Best LED TV in India?

While purchasing LED TVs, you must be aware of your requirements and your budget. The selection of the product still depends on the feature, but your desires are the most important. It is a lifetime investment, so everyone wants the better. Many of us can’t afford to change it every month. Therefore you should consider the crucial aspects.

Here we provide you with the buying guide that will help you in choosing the best led tv for your home. In this writeup, under the Buyer’s Guide, you learn many essential features.

Screen Size

The mistake is made while selecting the size of the screen as some of them think that if the screen is large more content, the content we can watch. So, first, make a mind where you want to fix it. Then as per the available space decide the size. In the case of a large room, you can consider the large size, but it is not worth install the extensive screen in a small room. Here the screen resolution plays a vital role in deciding the size of screen for the room.

According to the experts, the viewing distance should be double the size of the screen. On the other side, if you go with 4K ultra HD TV, then suggested length should be 1.5 times the screen size. Screen resolution is the number of pixels in an inch.


Many makers focus on LED TV and plasma, or LCD are out-of-date these days. But in many high-end models, you get the OLED and QLED. LEDs are better than the LCD. There is some screen coming in both LED and LCD like IPS, PLS, TN and VA. Among the LCD or LED screens, you have the options to choose either IPS or VA display.

IPS Displays are more powerful and resilient features. It always has better picture quality and viewing angles than the VA Display or TN Display.

Types of LED Screen

There are two major LED screens famous in India, such as Edge-lit and Backlit. Most of the TV producer companies use both of the technologies to make the LED TV. Many people don’t consider this factor, but many tech seekers pay huge attention to this factor.

Edge-Lit Screen: In this Lights placed across the perimeter of the Television that makes it to glow more from the centre when you watch. Another benefit of this feature, it will let the TV consume less electricity as it has less number of LEDs. In this way, it is available at a cheaper rate.

Backlit Screen: This thing is the other variety that is common in India. In this model, lights are placed at the back of the screen. It provides the uniform distribution of light with better contrast. The main thing is that the LED uses inside of it are costlier.


At least two or three USB port you will find in modern LED TVs in India. You can play your stored data in terms of videos, photos. Only need to plug in the USB and hard drives to the port. You also get the HDMI slots that are required for the set-top box connection, gaming console or Blue Ray Player. These two are the external hardware interfaces.

Bluetooth and WiFi are the two connections for wireless linking between the devices or gadgets. This connection is used to hook up the audio devices to the TV unit. Smart LED TVs in India are common nowadays. For accessing the online and smart feature, we need an Internet Connection. Your TV must have to connect to the WiFi.

Sound Quality

HD TV with a medium level of sound always represents a bad experience. That’s why the music should be better for your LED TV. Here we suggest you go with Dolby Digital Sound Support. Some of the product units have some new level of music experience with Dolby Digital technology. The three primary things involve in the best speaker performance that explained below.

Speaker Output: The outcomes of in terms of audio should be enough to offers the best sound. If you plan to buy a 40 inch TV, then 15 Watt audio output would be a better choice. For large-screen products, 25 Watt output is a preferable choice.

Position of the Speaker: In the large TV, Speakers mounted at the bottom, and in some model, you find them at the front. The front side installed Speakers delivers the best sound quality. The thinner LED TV arrives with the speaker fixed at the bottom. In this condition, if you mount your TV on the wall, then it would be a better decision. so, the sound reaches every corner and side of the room.

Sound Adjustment: All rooms are different, in terms of various aspects like dimensions, things inside, number of windows and so on. So the TV should come up with fine-tune settings, one can adjust it manually as per the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size of the TV screen is perfect for the house?

The ideal TV screen size for best viewing depends on the distance between TV placed from your bed, chair, couch. For 4-6 ft space, buy a 32-inch TV and the length for 5-8 ft then 40-42 inches screen is best.

2. Is 4K worth it on 43 inch TV?

If you want to get 4K effect resolution, then you need to sit near your TV. Basically, you have to require2-5 feet distance for getting the full effects of 4K.

3. Does the 4K resolution better than the 1080p?

As the name implies, the 4 K has far better properties than 1080p HD video. 4K resolution is exact equals to 3840 x 2160 pixels while on the other side, 1080 P consists of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This number is massive difference brings some vital advantage.

4. What is the broadband speed requires for streaming the 4K videos?

We need the 15 Mbps speed broadband rate to stream the 4K videos. The recommended speed for Amazon Prime is 15 Mbps and for Netflix is 25 Mbps.

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