Best Washing Machines In India 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. Bosch 7 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Bosch WAK24268IN

2. IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

IFB Elena ZX

3. LG 8 kg Inverter WiFi Fully Automatic Washing Machine


Choosing the Best Washing Machine for your home can be an essential and hard job as there are a lot of different models available in the market. This buying guide helps you to select the right product for washing delicate clothes and dresses. These washing machines are unavoidable products as every user knows its importance.

Everyone feels that laundry work is time taking and stressful. It is not an exciting task, and in this fast pace world, people don’t want to waste their time. So let it be for the washer. There are numerous devices for washing clothes in the market.

Thus, several machines having various sizes, capacities, and diverse traits. It is a long-term investment for your home appliances. We suggest you first understand your requirements like family size.

So after depth research and analyze more than 15 products. We made this list of 10 Best Washing Machines in India for your online investment. Further, we describe the major factors that you should consider while buying the machine. The list of products is from well-known washing machine brands.

Top 10 Best Washing Machines In India 2020

 Washing Machines
Type of Washing MachinesCapacity (Kg)
Bosch WAK24268IN Bosch WAK24268IN Fully-Automatic7
IFB  Elena ZX IFB Elena ZX Fully-Automatic6.5
LG FHT1408ZWL LG FHT1408ZWL Fully-Automatic8
Bosch WAJ24267IN Bosch WAJ24267IN Fully-Automatic8
IFB Diva Aqua SX IFB Diva Aqua SX Fully-Automatic6
Bosch WOE654W0IN Bosch WOE654W0IN Fully-Automatic6.5
SAMSUNG WA62M4100HY/TL SAMSUNG WA62M4100HY/TL Fully-Automatic6.2
LG P8035SPMZ LG P8035SPMZ Semi-Automatic8
SamsungWT725QPNDMPXTL0 SamsungWT725QPNDMPXTL0 Semi-Automatic7.2
Whirlpool SUPERB ATOM 7.0 Whirlpool SUPERB ATOM 7.0 Semi-Automatic7

Which are the 10 Best Washing Machines In India 2020?

1. Bosch 7 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK24268IN)

Bosch WAK24268IN

Bosch Washing Machines in India have the best exciting characteristics to make washing things an enjoyable practice. The Dynamic flow system works in blending with the Power Wave Wash System to deliver great results. This Wave Method involves the flow of aqua from three directions. It achieves by creating powerful waves to remove the most stubborn stains.

It furnishes a LED display with a full electronic dial for easy working. There is a 12 washing program that delivers efficient performance, and the delay time is upto to 24 hours. It also features a foam detection system and multiple water protection options.

Child Lock enables to secure all the keys to block setting from being changed by the child. The magic filter collects all the dirt, so your clothing stuff cleans. The washing machine wears an excellent exterior appearance with its beautiful looks. It is available in 6 attractive colour options to suit the interior designing in your house. This machine arrives with 2 years of comprehensive warranty and 10 years of motor warranty.

The closing door is made up of toughened glass that can endure the weight and softened closing. On the other side, the clothes are not quite dry as the maximum spin rate is 1200 RPM. The innovative Vario Tub treats your outfits gently and at the same time, gives clean costumes. It aids in 20% less energy consumption for the cleansing of your laundry.

The Good

What’s the bottom line?

Bosch Washing Machine has an intelligent, active water system that senses the laundry and adjusts the aqua range. By saving electricity, it gives you a better wash.

2. IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (Elena ZX, White, Inbuilt Heater)

IFB Elena ZX

This front load washing machine has a limitless attribute that you would find interesting. The higher spin rate around 1000 rpm does faster drying. It is suitable for couples or bachelors. It operates on 230 volts of voltage. The voltage controller stops the wash program when there is voltage variation either below or above an operating level. Wash rotation resumes and turns where it stopped when the voltage level stabilizes.

Initially, it has the feature of pre-wash for very dirty outfits. It washes the stained attire before the actual washing. You will also experience best wash quality along with Energy & Water Efficiency. Besides, it brings the wash programs for delicate fabrics, and you would rarely find them in washing machines. Cradle wash feature removes dirt and stain, also protects the delicate fibres of the attire.

It automatically detects the load and maintains the balance of washing load in the drum. You can run this machine as per your convenience when you are not home. Its delay start time starts by 30 minutes up to 24 hours.

Moreover, it has a laundry add option and lets you pause the cycle of the machine and open the door. You can add laundry during the wash rotation. Looking at other features, it has an option for rinse hold. Whenever you are not around, it pauses the last rinse and holds the wash series. It helps to prevent the dresses from getting tangled in the washing machine.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

IFB Washing Machine enables you to wash a large number of clothes in one go.

3. LG 8 kg WiFi Inverter Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FHT1408ZWL)


This front load washing machine has some great features like 6 Motion Direct Drive that enables different washing programs. It gives effective washing quality and smartly senses the type of threads. Then it will offer different types of washing for distinct types of fabrics. The direct-drive method eliminates the use of belt and pulley for its operation. In this way, it releases less noise and vibrations.

The washing machine uses steam and turbo wash technology. Where the steam wash almost reduced the 99.9% germs and allergy with steam. The Turbo wash technology cleans your clothes in less time. Where jet spray sprinkles clean aqua from the tap onto your clothes. It makes the rinsing cycle even more efficient than before.

The fuzzy logic sensor senses the surrounding and adjusts the wash cycle automatically to give a perfect wash to your clothes. Apart from it, it features different types of sensor that make it easy for you. The Water Level sensor senses the level of aqua in the washing tub and keeps the level in a stable state.

It arrives with smart features like it supports LG ThinQ and works on WiFi also. With the help of this software, operate your LG machine from anywhere. Including, it can detect your error via Smart Diagnosis only need to connect the machine to the LG ThinQ app. Up to 86 errors are diagnosed with this system. LG brings a full waterproof touch panel, so no more need to dry the wet hands. The touch control panel is very smooth to operate.

LG is among the best brands for Washing Machines in India and this model is a premium build.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

LG Inverter Wi-Fi Washing Machine provides the super quality wash. It features a compact build, setup and design that fits anywhere in the corner of the house.

4. Bosch 8 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAJ24267IN)

Bosch WAJ24267IN

Bosch is well known when it comes to electronics appliances. This fully automatic washing machine comes with various features and results in super quality clothes. This machine offers an anti-bacterial feature that hygienically cleans the laundry. It washes the clothes at 60 °C and kills 99.9% of bacteria. It perfectly runs for a large family.

The anti-vibration sidewalls of the machine give you less vibration. It increases the stability of the washing machine. The Ecosilence Drive has a brushless motor that declines the friction noise and saves your energy while being an amazing quiet.

With reload program, it enables you to open the door early to add or remove the load. It has good speed that reduces the wash time by 20% without compromising in the washing results. Vario drum is a dual-sided system that provides a complete wash while protecting your most gentle fabrics.

The Active Water Plus sets the liquid stage by sensing the mass of load and fibre that helps in saving natural resource. Meanwhile, the anti-tangle program overcomes tangles in the laundry and gives damage-free clothes after every wash.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Bosch Inverter Washing Machine saves a lot of physical efforts and time. It brings an exciting feature to deal with your washing problems.

5.IFB 6 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (Diva Aqua SX)

IFB Diva Aqua SX

IFB Fully Automatic washing fit for small family and couples. In this machine, you get various facilities from its different functions. The 3D wash system facilitates the better dissolving of detergent and ensures minimal residues left on the clothes.

The Aqua Energie is a treatment for hard water that is based on advanced magnet technology. It helps in breaking down calcium into the minute crystal and softening the water. Further, the express wash program is suitable for less soiled clothes. Apart from this, it has a feature for high-voltage protection and prevents electrical devices from unnecessary damage.

The auto balance system of the IFB washing machine detects and redistributes unbalanced clothes that help to maintain stable and constant wash. Moreover, the Diva Aqua SX assures the most efficient elimination of tough stains and dirt on your clothes. The anti-allergen removes germs and gives you fresh and clean. It is useful for kids and those people who have sensitive skin.

You can add more laundry and some more clothes through the cycle, due to its unique laundry add function. The machine’s smooth crescent moon grooves on the drum surface. The float ball valve design controls the flow of liquid into the washer. It keeps the detergent in and flows out the water, so it prevents the wastage of detergent.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

IFB Fully Automatic Front Load Washing machine has a big front to access. It is a reliable, efficient solution delivering for the perfect wash of your outfits.

6. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WOE654W0IN)

Bosch WOE654W0IN

This Fully Automatic Top Load Machine comes with the most exciting characteristics to make washing things an enjoyable practice. The Dynamic Water flow system works in blending with the Power Wave Wash System to deliver great results. This Wave Method involves the flow of water from three directions. It achieves by creating powerful waves to remove the most stubborn stains.

The Dual -Dispenser gives the flexibility to use liquid or powder detergents. It ensures the dissolve of the detergent and provides better wash results. It consists of a memory sensor that resumes washing cycle from the point it stopped during a power crash. The water measure set to 8 levels and there are more options for time delay and rinse grip.

Child Lock enables to secure all the keys to block setting from being changed by the child. Magic filter collects all the dirt, so your clothing stuff cleans. The washing machine wears an excellent exterior appearance with its beautiful looks. It is available in 6 attractive colour options to suit the interior designing in your house. This fully automatic top loading machine arrives with 2 years of comprehensive warranty and 10 years of motor warranty.

The closing door made up of toughened glass that can endure the weight and softened closing. On the other side, the clothes are not quite dry as the maximum spin rate is 680 RPM. There is no inbuilt water heater or extra inlet pipe for hot water. It is capable of working on the low water pressure of up to 0.3 bar, making it excellent for places where water pressure is an issue.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic top Loading Washing Machine has an Intelligent power wash wave system that gives clean quality. Due to its innovative pulsator design, powerful water flow and innovative drum movement.

7. Samsung 6.2kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WA62M4100HY/TL)

WA62M4100HY/TL Samsung

This Fully Automatic Top Load Machine comes up with great wash features having a weight of 31 Kg and a capacity of 6.2 Kg. Samsung Washing Machine appears with innovative wobble technology. This method offers gentle care of your fabric and assures the best wash performance. It features with an inbuilt sink in that a active water stream flows at the push of a button for pre-treating soiled clothes.

The washing machine has an rpm of 700 that leads to lower drying time. Its stainless steel drum designs for lesser abrasion of laundry, and the holes on the upper part of the drum drain help in getting rid of lint and residue. The pulsator has 6 blades that produce a strong stream of water to remove dirt. It includes five water levels setting and six wash rounds such as normal, quick wash, delicates, blankets, jeans, soak+ normal.

You can open its lid with ease and smoothness. It doesn’t require physical efforts. So, there are no unexpected bangs. Here, you can see a tempered glass window. Hence you can see the washing process without lifting the lid and prevent stretches and damage. It furnishes with the magic filter that gathers the lint, fluff, and dust from your garments. With this filter, you get clean clothes and protect from harsh washing.

With this machine, you get the Eco Tub Clean technology. This facility helps to keep the top load washer fresh without using harsh chemicals. You get an automatic notification when it requires cleaning. The washing machine has a slot for pouring detergent. Besides, it has a display that is digital keeps you updated regarding the wash cycle time and various washing stages. It acts on the 220-volt voltage and 50 Hz power. Its control panel incorporates on it in the slanted pattern that is easier to use.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?
Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine has the best attributes of a top-loading washing machine and is a good fit for 2-3 family members.

8. LG 8 Kg 5 Star Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P8035SPMZ)

LG 8 Kg SA

The easy wash program settings of this washing machine make your laundry clean. It is one of the best energy-efficient models. It offers you 3 washing operations plus one that taking care of your laundry needs. Further, it covers all the texture that you require to clean.

The presence of magic wheels supports 360-degree rotation in all directions. You can move your semi automatic washing machine in left, right, forward and back directions. The more the rotation, create friction to ensure a good wash. It has a 3 mm synthetic cover of chemical, and it aids to keep the rats away.

There is a lint receiver that clears your tub of every loose stuff. The lint filter removes residue from the tub to provide you with pure drainage. This machine scrubs all your cuffs very well for you. This Scrub Board would save you the stress of having to do this yourself.

It dries your clothes by spinning very fast and letting in air through the vents. This system is quite convenient and facilitates the actual drying process. During the power cut down, this washing machine auto restart from where it left the wash cycle when the power comes back.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

LG 8 Kg Semi-Automatic top loading Washing Machine has a capacity of 8 kg washtub. This 5 Star rating washing machine ideally suits for a family of 4-6 members.

9. Samsung 7.2 kg Top Loading Washing Machine (WT725QPNDMPXTL0)

Samsung 7.2 KG

On performance-wise this machine furnished with 740 RPM motor, that is not bad among this category. This machine can serve the goal of a family consisting of 4-5 members. EZ wash tray helps you in managing many laundry tasks while scrubbing, rinsing and more. This washing machine has a Buzzer that beeps at the end of the Wash cycle this is very useful for you.

The Samsung Semi Automatic Washing Machine not washes your clothes but also scrubs your clothes with gentle. It is valid for shirt collars and cuffs. With this technology, you get a hand washes perfection effect in your every wash. It kills oily stains, sweats marks, and makes your clothes younger. This machine weighs around 24.5 kg.

Air Turbo Drying technology ensures that it removes the trouble of drying heavy clothes and blankets, especially in winters. In humid conditions, drying is very time taking and pathetic. So, in this case, Samsung’s turbo Drum dryer rotates the drums at very high speed with dual air intake vents and extracts more water in less time.

Pre-Drown features are useful in removing hard stains. So don’t use sink or washtub for soaking your things as the washing machine is ready to perform it for you. Just set the wash time and soak your clothes before the washer starts spinning. Moreover, the lint gauze is a valuable device to have, as it collects the trash and ensures to clean your fabric.

Technology is beneficial for washing outfits by using the Double Storm dual powerful jet system. It varies the water flows and changes the movement of the fabrics around the drum. Both the vertical and horizontal water current deep cleans the clothes without tangling and heavy twisting. Its power consumption is 350 Watts. 

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

This Samsung 7.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine integrated with exciting features.

10. Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (SUPERB ATOM 7.0)

Whirlpool 7 Kg SA

The Smart Scrub Board is one of the best places to scrub the collars and cuffs of the outfits. The multi-utility tray helps you sort and take dry costumes. The special vent helps the water flow back into the washtub. Its flow back design allows water and detergent to flow back into the washtub.

The large washtub with the deep wash 66 L system, washes with the highest volume of water (66 litres). Clothes move freely giving the best dirt removal. The motor of these machines has a 5 year warranty period. Its spin motor consumes 150 Watt power, and 340 Watt super-efficient motor is enough to roll the dresses in all directions.

Lint Collector allows collection of lint so that clothes come out clean and fresh after every wash. The ace wash method helps you sort and stack then carry your load efficiently on the machine itself, without any need of bending. A unique scrubber has been added in the washtub to give your dresses a perfect wash every time. The impeller, with its soft grooves, gives the perfect motion during every wash to remove the dirt.

During power cuts, the washing machine retains where it stopped and starts from the exact position when the power comes back. The super soak method lets your garments to soak for a minimum of 25 minutes. This technique helps in easy removal of the tough stains. Besides, the display control panel is waterproof and shock-free. You can select the operation from the command panel.

The Good

The Bad

What’s the bottom line?

The LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine has 3 different wash programs ensuring a safe and customized wash for every fabric type.

How to choose the Best Washing Machine in India?

This buying guide helps you in choosing the Best Washing Machine in India according to your requirements. In this article, every detail regarding the washing machines in India is explained in depth.

It becomes easy to decide on the washing machine to buy if you know about and can trust the brand you’re buying for, and it’s quality and after-sales services. Here are some of the washing machine brands of washer in India like Haier, Bosch, LG, SAMSUNG, IFB and SAMSUNG.

The washing machines differ in capacity, load and function. These machines indulge different features like a quick wash, wash programs, hot wash, temperature control, digital display, delay start, protective rat mesh, child lock, and fuzzy logic.

Types of Washing Machines

We categories these devices  into three parts:
Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine
Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine
Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

When we use the word ‘Automatic’ in connection with the washing machine, it infers that machine performs the washing and drying operation both.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

These are the entry-level products and includes two tubs, one for washing and other for drying. For cleaning the dresses put them into washing-tubs and then after washing manually move the clothes into drying-tub. Therefore, semi-automatic washers need a lot of manual efforts.

Fully-Automatic Washing Machines

It makes the washing process human intervention nominal. We just need to put clothes in the machine and start it. There is no need for pouring water for wash or rinse. The Fully-Automatic machines don’t require moving the clothes from the washing tub to the drying drum. In this type, you also get the fully-automatic washer.

Front Loading and Top Loading Machines

You must be familiar with two terms when you refer to a washing machine. Their distinction is simple, as the name recommends the top load washing machines require the loading of outfits from the top part of the machine. On the other hand, you load the clothes from the front portion of the machine.


While selecting a washing machine volume parameter matters a lot. With size unit, this product comes in several sizes. So, you can pick the right size product according to your space available in the home.


The capacity of the washing machine depends on the drum size. If the size of the drum is a larger then higher load of clothes can wash in it. Along with it, your household size would decide the drum volume fits your need or not. The average capacity measures up to 4-6 cubic feet. Besides, it depends on how often you do the laundry. You should take the top load washing machine with proper caution as it uses an agitator. This thing has significant space in the drum.

Spin Speed

Spin speed is an important feature that you should consider while buying a washing machine. The rotation cycle measures as revolutions per minute or rpm. Higher rpm ensures fast rotation. The speed of operation and drying segments depends on the turn of cycle.

Wash Programs

Understanding of the wash programs helps you to pick the washing machine. It includes three primary operations such as quick wash, pre-soak and daily wash.

Quick wash: It is available in all of the fully-automatic machines. The fast wash programs mean that your clothes wash in a short period. With this program, wash and dry your clothes in 15-20 minutes. But it has a few bounds you can wash only limited clothes.

Pre-Soak: It does mean to wash the massively soiled clothes. After adjusting it’s setting the soak program, washing machine first soaks and stir the clothes thoroughly before running the usual wash cycle.

Daily Wash: It means to wash regular clothes and undergarments. It takes less water and time to wash regular clothes.

Drum/Tub Material

Material uses for making its drum or tub is either steel or plastic. In the drum, you put the load and wash the clothes. The stainless steel drum is the excellent and long-lasting material for the washing machine. It gives high spin-speed than plastic, although plastic drums are durable and rust-free.

Hard water

In some areas the hardness level of water is high. This problem doesn’t allow the detergent to dissolve in this type of water. Another you get the salt deposits around the drum and supply tubes ending in choking them. Hence, you find some washing machine makers employing techniques to deal with this issue.

Auto Dispenser

People suffer the problem of dispensing the precise amount of detergents, thereby ending in unproductive washing performances. The less detergent can affect the high quality of the cleaning.

A higher level of cleanser can increase the demand for water. There can be incidents of discolouration and emission of lousy odour if you use less detergent. Therefore, the companies have begun presenting auto-dispensing options in their higher-end washer today.

Noise reduction and Anti-vibration technologies

Noise and vibrations are similar in washing machine functioning. These two terms are the major problems in operating the machines. Now, in this the modern era, the makers come up with new advanced techniques. The improved Technology reduces the effects of vibration and noise.

The models of the machines arrive with the anti-vibration features. Moreover, the vibration level is at the maximum stage when the spin pace is high. Its new employ Hi-tech sensors keep in maintaining the load balance by setting the drum motion.

Inverter Technology

This Technology is an advanced one capable of less energy consumption, especially when you feel the need to use a motor.
Inverter Technology lets the motors to run at a speed optimum to the load. In the usual way, your washing machine has a motor that is able of running at a fixed load. So, it performs at the optimum level alone when you have a particular load. Yet, in the case of the Smart Inverter technology, you have the washing machine operating at variable rates that are ideal for the load you have at a distinct time.

Direct Drive Technology

In the general motors, you have loose parts like gears and belts. Whenever you use these parts, there is much friction involved. It can alter the performance of the motor. This Technology excludes the usage of such movable parts, through ending up in the removal of friction and thus less power consumption. It has a limitation that the motion direct drive motors are heavier than the standard motors. However, they have a higher degree of energy, and they also produce less noise.

Today, you have some producers using a combination of both Inverter and direct drive technology.

Soaking Technologies

The washing quality depends a lot on the soaking of the clothes in the right way. The leading companies have come up with exclusive soaking technologies to improve your washing experience.

Smart Technology

With the help of smart technology, the whole world is being active. Besides smart TVs and smartphones, washing machines also are acting smart with the invention of various innovative traits.

The latest LG products come with Near Field Communication (NFC) that facilitates diagnosis and monitoring. This amenity helps to synchronize the washing machine with smartphones as it offers a Smart Diagnosis app. This app allows you to know if there is an issue with the washing machine.

Flexwash and TwinWash

You must have confusion between taking the top-loading, and fully automatic front-load wahing machines as each of these machines have its primary advantages. It would be a great experience if both technologies combine in a single machine.

Samsung has grown up with the Flexwash choice where you have the flexibility of using both the designs in a one machine. The main best front load machine has a volume of 21 Kg, whereas you have a miniature top load facility with a capacity of 3.5 Kg. It enables us to clean the heavy laundry items like bedsheets, blankets, and curtains as well as the delicate items like handkerchiefs, socks, and undergarments together in two different modes.

LG has adopted the technique and introduced the TwinWash facility that has two different drums in its latest machines. This technology involves the use of two different drums, the main drum with a capacity of 20 Kg for cleaning hefty laundry. Its small section under the first drum for washing the smaller items like scarfs and inner garments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are front load washing machines more expensive than top load washing machines?

The Front load machine work on the tumbler washing system while the top load uses the pulsator and agitator. The cost factor in the production of the tumble washing mode is maximum than the pulsator system.

2. How much detergent requires for each load?

The requirement of detergent depends on the hardness of water level and the dirt on the clothes. Normally, soft water needs less water than hard water. It is desirable not to use much detergent as it leaves soap shreds after the wash. You should follow the guideline printed on the detergent powder box for proper use.

3. How much space do we have to keep the washing machines?

It recommends that there is at least one inch of the area around a washer or dryer to allow for proper air circulation. This space helps minimize noise transfer. The other phase to take into the thought is leaving enough space at the back of the washing machines.

4. Do washing machines work nicely with salt water?

This thing would depend on the washing machine. Some of the products need to install the softener, and others don’t demand to soften of water. You should read the manual of the washing machine before using the hard water in it.

5. Difference between the front load or top-loading washing machines?

The front-loading washing machine has many benefits than a top-loading washing machine. Front-load machines are relatively costly but are very efficient, consumes lesser water, power and cleans clothes much better than top-load washing machines. They have far more special features, wash programs and create less noise while operating.

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