Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Washing Machine?

Washing Machine Buying Guide

This buying guide helps you choose suitable washing machines according to your requirements. Here, you will know some essential features you should look at while purchasing a device. It becomes easy to decide on a washing machine to buy if you know about the product features.

The washing machines come with various functions such as capacity and load. These high-end washing machines offer various features like a quick wash, wash programs, hot water wash, temperature control, digital display, delay start, protective rat mesh, child lock, and fuzzy logic.

Let’s check some aspects that you should look at before making a big decision.

Types of Washing Machines

⦁ Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine
⦁ Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine
⦁ Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

When we use the word “Automatic” connected with the washing machine, it refers to the device performing both washing and drying operations.

Semi-Automatic: These are entry-level washing machines, including two tubs, one for washing and the other for drying. For cleaning the clothes, put them into washing-tubs and then, after washing, manually move the clothes into the drying-tub. Thus, they need a lot of manual effort.

Fully Automatic: It makes the washing process human intervention nominal. We need to put clothes in the washing machine and start it. There is no need for pouring water to wash or rinse. The Complete Automatic device doesn’t require moving the clothes from the washing tub to the drying drum. In this type, you also get a fully-automatic washer.

Top Load Vs Front Load

You must be familiar with two terms when you refer to a washing machine. Their distinction is simple; as the name recommends, the top load machines require the loading of outfits from the top of the device. While front load means you are loading your clothes from the front door of the washing machine.

Top load

Top Load Washers

  • Shorter wash times
  • Deepwater setting available
  • Choose from agitator or impeller wash action.
  • Load and unload Comfortably without bending over.

Front Load washers

  • Use less water per load.
  • Save space by stacking.
  • Often provides greater capacity.
  • High spin speeds for shorter dry times
Front Load

Size up for Your Space

While selecting a washing machine, its size should matter a lot. How much space do you have? In addition to the units, you need an area to open the doors completely. The latest models come in several sizes so; you can pick the right product according to your space available in the home.


If you have a top-load washing machine and are considering a front-load, ensure your space has a margin for the door to open entirely.

Capacity: The capacity to hold the load of the washing machine depends on the drum size. If the size of the drum is more extensive, then a higher load of clothes can wash in it. Along with it, your household size would decide whether the drum volume fits your needs or not.

The average capacity measures up to 4-6 cubic feet. Besides, it depends on how often you do the laundry. It would help if you took the top-loading washing machine with proper caution as it uses an agitator. This thing has significant space in the drum.

Wash Programs

Before buying a washing machine, you should understand the wash programs that help pick a perfect washing machine. It includes three primary operations such as quick wash, pre-soak and daily wash. Other, some machines involve more than 3 wash program that consists of daily wash, white wash, heavy wash, dry only, wash only, woolen, rinse and dry, aqua store and so on.

Wash Programs
  • Quick wash: This feature is available in all automatic machines. With this program, wash and dry your clothes within 15-20 minutes.
  • Pre-Soak: It does mean to wash massively soiled clothes. After adjusting it’s setting the soak program. The washing machine first soaks and stir the clothes thoroughly before running the regular wash cycle time.
  • Daily Wash: This daily wash method means to wash regular clothes and undergarments. It takes less water and time to wash regular clothes.
  • Bubble Soak: The bubble soak uses an air pump to pass bubbles through the water and soap. The bubble causes more foam and makes it possible to clean using less water. This is an excellent function, but it needs an additional pump inside the machine to produce the bubbles.
  • Soaking Technologies: A soaking technology means to dip clothes into the detergent water that removes dirt from the clothes. The leading companies have come up with exclusive soaking technologies to improve your washing experience.

Special Functions

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines in India
  • Spin Speed

The spin speed is an essential feature that you should consider while buying a washing machine. The rotational cycle of a machine measures revolutions per minute. Its higher RPM means fast rotation speed. The speed of operation and drying segments depends on the turn of the wash cycle settings.

  • Sound Dampening
Sound Dampening

Noise and vibrations are similar in washing machine functionalities. These two terms are the major problems in operating the washing machine. Now in this, the latest washing machine makers come up with new advanced techniques. The improved technology reduces the effects of vibration and noise.

The models of the washing machine arrive with anti-vibration features. Moreover, the vibration level is at the maximum stage when the spin pace is high. Its new employee Hi-tech sensors keep in maintaining the load balance by setting the drum motion.

Smart Technology
  • Smart Technology

With the help of innovative technology, the whole world is being active. Besides intelligent TVs and smartphones, washing machines are also acting wisely with various innovative traits.

The latest LG products come with Near Field Communication (NFC) that facilitates diagnosis and monitoring. This amenity helps to synchronize the washing machine with smartphones as it offers a Smart Diagnosis app. This app allows you to know if there is an issue with the washing machine.

  • Agitator or Rotating disc

It is an essential part of the machine that performs simple cleaning. The agitator constantly rotates while washing, providing ripples within the water. This is the reason for moving clothes in the tub. Inside, the water and detergent help pull the dirt off the clothes and trap it in the water.

The agitator does two jobs, one is scrubbing the fabric with each other, and the second is with water. The makers fit a disc with blades on the top sides rather than the long agitator. This disc also plays the same function, and the blades provide the currents that do the cleaning.

  • Tackling Hard Water

In some areas, it is a problem to use hard water for washing purposes. The primary issue of hard water is that it is challenging to dissolve detergent into the water. To deal with a hard water problem, manufacturers come with innovative technologies.

Whirlpool company offers a Hard Water option in its latest washing machines. This function allows for removing dark spots and dirt from the fabric, even if the water is hard.

But LG and Bosch, IFB washing machines provide an Aqua energic technology that eliminates the bicarbonates present in hard water. Thus it reduces the tendency of bicarbonates to stick to surfaces.

  • Innovative Drum
Diamon Drum

The drum is an essential part of any washing machine. You need high-quality wash results without damaging the dresses. The design of the drum plays a vital role in washing performance.

Different companies offer various designs and styles of the drum. Bosch uses a unique VarioDrum technology. You can observe the movement of the paddle as the changes in its spinning direction.

Samsung provides the Diamond Drum technology in its top-loading machines. These drums are smaller than 25% of holes and fixed inside of diamond-shaped depressions. It supports to avoid fabric sticking out of the drum, thereby ensuring its safety.

  • Drum/Tub Material

The material used for making its drum or tub is either steel or plastic. In the drum, you put the load and wash the clothes. The stainless steel drum is long-lasting material for the washing machine. It gives a higher spin-speed than plastic, although plastic drums are durable and rust-free.

Five Fabulous Features

1. Inverter Technology

Inverter Technology

This is an advanced method capable of consuming less energy, especially if you feel the need to use a motor. It utilized strong magnets for a quieter and more powerful performance.

Inverter Technology lets the motors run at a speed optimum to the load. In the usual way, your washing machine has a motor that can run at a fixed load. So, it performs at the optimum level alone when you have a particular load. Yet, in the Smart Inverter technology, the washing machine runs at variable rates, perfect for the load you have at an appropriate time.

Direct Drive Technology

2. Direct Drive Technology

In general motors, you have loose parts like gears and belts. Whenever you use these parts, there is much friction involved. It can alter the performance of the motor. Direct Drive technology excludes the usage of such movable parts, ending up in the removal of friction and thus less power consumption. It has a limitation that the motion direct drive motor is heavier than the standard motor. However, they have a higher degree of energy, and they also produce less noise.

Today, you have some procedures using a combination of both Inverter and direct drive technology.

3. Flexwash and TwinWash

You must be confused between taking the top-loading, and front-loading washing machines as each of these machines has its primary advantages. It will be an outstanding experience if both technologies combine in a single machine.

Samsung has grown up with the Flex wash washing machine choice where you have the flexibility of using both the designs in one machine. It enables us to clean the heavy laundry items like bedsheets, blankets, curtains, and delicate items like handkerchiefs, socks, and undergarments together in two different modes.

LG has adopted the technique and introduced the Twin Wash facility with two different drums in its latest machines. This technology involves using two separate drums, the main drum with a capacity of 20 Kg for cleaning hefty laundry. Its small section under the first drum for washing the smaller items like scarfs and undergarments.

Fuzzy Logic

4. Fuzzy Logic

This function decides the washing conditions automatically, based on the quality of the clothes. Fuzzy logic commands the washing process, water intake, water temperature, rinse performance, wash time, and spin pace. Thus, it notices the laundry’s weight, detergent, time, and water needed to clean the laundry.

5. 6-Motion DD and Wave Motion

6-Motion Technology

There are different types of clothes that need various motion techniques. Most of the latest machines come with smart technologies that make the washing process smarter day by day. LG, Samsung, and IFB are the top leading companies providing unique and smart technology to achieve a range of cleaning styles.

LG has introduced the latest 6 motion DD technology that includes six wash actions – Tumble, Stepping, Scrubbing, Swing, Rolling, and Filtration.

However, Whirlpool has also come with a new range of front loading washing machines. This device uses the SoftMove technology that enables the machine to sense the clothes inside the drum and use its relevant program based on the type of dress loaded inside. Also, some of the machines come with different kinds of motion processes like Energetic wash, Soft cradle, Power Shower, and Slow Motion that work according to the fabric type.

IFB doesn’t offer the latest technologies. But it comes with various wash styles like Air Bubble Wash, 3600 wash, Cradle wash, Steam wash, and O2 wash.


Best Top Load Washing Machines in India
  • Buzzer and Rat Mesh: It is available in every single machine. Some cheaper models may not have these functions. You should skip purchasing such models, in our opinion. Moreover, Rat away technique gives security to inlet pipes and wires. On the other hand, the buzzer feature helps you provide information about the different wash program settings.
  • Child Lock: With the help of the child lock function, you can make your washing machine safe from children. Children usually have their peculiar habit of touching strange items. So, there is a vast amount of risk that they can change the machine’s operational mode or even damage the washing machine. This feature allows you to lock the buttons on the washing machine’s panel so that a child can’t change the wash cycle you’ve chosen while he/she is playing with it.
  • Inbuilt Heater: Warm water is very efficient for better cleaning results. Even the toughest stains and dirt comes loose when warm water and soap is applied. Cheaper machines can stand with hot water poured in manually. But the latest models come with in-built heater functions. Some sensors can heat water to the water’s temperature around and switch the heater off automatically.
  • Pipes and Valves: Pipes and pumps are used to bring the water in and out. The pump helps to remove the water from the drum, and it operates electrically. However, there are two more pipes to let the hot and cold water into the machines. The last third pipes let the unwanted or dirty water out after the wash. All of the pipes have values on them.
  • Steam wash: This feature comes in the expensive budget washing machine. This trait uses heat, steam, and humidity to pass through the fabrics with force. Steam wash helps to remove tough smudges, wrinkles and makes load odour free.

Extra Features

Eco Tub Clean: It automatically cleans the inner walls of the tub by reusing the water used in the wash cycle. It helps to increase the lifespan of the machine and maintain its hygiene factor.

Magic Lint Filter: The advance magic lint filter effectively gathers the particles from your clothes, so your laundry stays cleaner.

Touch Control Panel: Its’ smart and high visibility touch panel with LED light displays program selection and operation.